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GTA Online: Where is the Treasure in GTA 5 Online


With the dispatch of Red Dead Redemption 2, Rockstar returned to their past game and included another fortune chase strategic, the players to investigate GTA Online to acquire themselves prizes in the two games, including a select weapon variation. We’ll give you where to discover this fortune and what you can anticipate.

How to Unlock the Double Action Revolver

The fortune chase mission must be done once, and it ought to be quite clear when it’s start. You’ll get a puzzling email in your telephone from, demonstrating a high contrast photo and the words “Utilize the photo right now recognize the area of the fortune.” There’s no name connected, however I surmise Dutch is sending us on get journeys from past the grave… ? Whatever the case, basically opening the email and checking the image should begin this little side crucial. Recollect anyway that if anytime you quit the game, you’ll need to restart it from the earliest starting point.

Following the Photo in the Email

Every player is obligated to get an alternate photo, with twenty particular areas for the fortune to be in. Nonetheless, there are two components in the player’s kindness: right off the bat that the game gives you an unpleasant guide area to look in, narrowing it down enormously, and besides that what you’re searching for – a white piece of paper – isn’t that elusive, for the most part showed with some noticeable quality and surely not covered up.

Recollect that the photograph isn’t taken from the viewpoint of the fortune, implying that you’ll be looking through the zone in the photograph, not searching for where the individual snapped the picture from. Scout around and search for the obvious white gleam of paper, as a rule hanging some place as opposed to on the floor.

Finding the Note

The paper you do discover tells a sorry story, that the baffling fortune turned the proprietors against each and someone chose to conceal it in an alternate spot. Notwithstanding, perusing the paper features three fixed focuses over the world guide, all holding pieces of information that will lead you to the fortune’s area.

The Three Clues

There are three articles to be discovered that will uncover the fortune’s whereabouts: a case where the fortune was recently put away, a body of a previous proprietor, and the scoop used to murder them. They don’t have to establish in any request, so take them anyway you need. Here’s the place they are:

Finding the Box

The case is the most Northerly sign, the featured region demonstrating an area of street among farmland in Grapeseed. Look under a huge tree with broken bark on the Western roadside, and you should see an open box with a space for a gun. Approach it and press directly on the D-Pad to research, separating the main piece of information.

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Finding the Shovel

The scoop is in the destroyed skeleton of a house on the sea shore of Sandy Shores, beside the “Alamo Sea” lake. Approach the pulverized house to see a fairly happy with looking green easy chair – the scoop, solidified with blood, is lying by that. Approach it and press directly on the D-Pad to examine, separating the subsequent piece of information.

Finding the Corpse

The body is in Tongva Hills, on the Western side of the guide. There’s a precipice in the featured region, with a cavern somewhat hid by growth. Discover the cavern and you should see the body lying inside, wearing just boots and clothing. Approach it and press directly on the D-Pad to explore, separating the last sign and uncovering the area of the fortune on the guide.

Claiming the Treasure

Try not to stress over eager relatives – showing up at the band set apart on the guide uncovers that they all slaughtered each other before you arrived, leaving that succulent fortune to be guaranteed in a wooden box at the leader of the parade. Approach it and press directly on the D-Pad one last time to guarantee your prize: a brilliant twofold activity pistol. It likewise opens another test for a much greater prize.

How to Beat The Double-Action Revolver Challenge

When you guarantee the gun, the test quickly shows up: get 50 headshots with that gun and you’ll get $250,000 for GTA Online and the selective brilliant variation of the weapon in Red Dead Redemption 2, expecting the two games are connected to the equivalent Rockstar Social record. It’s an entirely heavy prize for a test that is not very troublesome, so we prescribe doing pack battles and heists with a great deal of battle included. On the other hand, welcome a companion to play with you and alternate brushing each other’s heads off. After a short time you’ll both have a fourth of a million dollars for your affliction.

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