Valorant: how to train aim and more functions on The Range map

Exclusive training map allows you to improve in-game skills such as aim, movement and characters

Valorant: how to train aim and more functions on The Range map

It is possible to train aiming in Valorant , the tactical 5×5 FPS from Riot Games , on the map The Range, exclusive to practice. The scenario was designed for users to improve their skills in the game. Players are able to practice aiming and moving, hone their knowledge of agents and weapons, and understand how Spike’s arming and disarming works. With that in mind, We prepared a guide on what to do in the training map of the shooter game from the developer of League of Legends (LOL).

What is The Range?

The Range is an exclusive map for training, where players can practice various features present during matches. In the scenario, players can exercise aiming, movement, handling weapons and learn to arm and disarm the spike.

Valorant: how to train aim and more functions on The Range mapPhoto: Reproduction/Marcelo Villela

How to access the map?

Step 1. Accessing the map is easy: on the home screen, click on “Play” on the top menu. Look at the image below:

Photo: Reproduction/Marcelo Villela

Step 2. When performing the previous step, you will be directed to the screen shown in the image below. Then click on “Training” at the bottom next to “Get Started”. Once this is done, the game will take you to The Range map;

Valorant how to train aim and more functions on The Range map 3Photo: Reproduction/Marcelo Villela

The Range’s modes

So far, Valorant has four training modes: Open Stand, Trial Shot, Spike Set, and Spike Disarm. Before entering The Range, the player must choose one of these alternatives to proceed. Here are its main features:

Open Stand

This is the free version of The Range. In it, players find the other training options, but also get to know the map calmly. The Open Stand is perfect for practicing movement, as there are several structures and obstacles scattered around the scenario, which can be used creatively by players who want to improve the way they move.

Shooting Test

In this mode, you can practice your aim with the weapons available in the game. It is a useful modality to get to know the weapons better, so take the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the recoil and damage of each one.

Test Shot allows the player to change training settings by pressing “F3”. That way, you can specify whether enemies move or not, the sequence of eliminations, the bot’s armor and whether or not the ammo is infinite.

Spike Arming and Disarming

Finally, there’s the option to train Spike’s arming and disarming. Although they are displayed on the screen prior to entering The Range, you can access these trainings from the Open Booth. To do this, just turn left at the shooting range and enter the portal at the end of the path. Upon arriving at the location, the player finds the training panel to arm and disarm Spike.

Both modes are useful for training in aiming and moving basics. In addition, the scenario is designed so that the player pays attention to the corners of the rooms, simulating places where other players could hide during a normal game. It is important to note that this modality is not the same as a round between players.

Photo: Reproduction/Marcelo Villela


On the training map, you can also test the full cast of agents. If you want to select a different hero than the one initially chosen, you must press “F2” whenever the character change notification appears on the screen. That said, take advantage of The Range to get to know each one’s abilities, as well as practice moving around with certain characters, such as Omen, who is able to teleport to certain structures in the scenario.

Photo: Reproduction/Marcelo Villela


The Range has a “secret” function: it’s a mini game. When heading to the left of the shooting range, the player finds an orange building with some graffiti. At the site, there is a destroyed staircase, where you can see blue footprints on the floor, as shown in the image below. To activate the game, just move in the direction of these tracks.

The objective of the game is to reach the top of one of the buildings in the scenario, where the trophy is located. For this, however, you must carefully move along boulders scattered in the air, in addition to passing certain obstacles along the way. In this way, in addition to having fun, there is also the possibility of training movement.

Valorant how to train aim and more functions on The Range map 9Photo: Reproduction/Valorant

How to exit training mode?

To exit training mode, just press “ESC” on the keyboard and then click on the gear in the upper right corner of the screen, as shown in the example below. Once that’s done, select the option “leave the match” and that’s it: you’ll be out of The Range.

Photo: Reproduction/Marcelo Villela

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