The Minecraft 1.19 Update: The Minecraft 1.19 Wild Update

The Minecraft 1.19 wild update is here and I’m sure you want to know all about what was added. So let’s get right into exploring all the new stuff.

Mangrove Swamp

Starting from the new biome called the mangrove swamp. This is a brand new biome that is usually generated near the jungle or desert and the guru’s mob also brought us a new wood type. The mangrove tree means we got new blocks as mangrove logs and plank leaves the other stuff that you can graft from the wood planks with the mangrove tree.

Mangrove Roots

We also got mangrove roots which make this new tree type more unique looking under the leaves. We can find these little things called mangrove proper glaze. Which are like saplings you can also bonemeal. The leaves to get some more of them placing it down and using bone meal. It grows into a mangrove tree but this sapling also works in the water and if you haven’t already noticed. Then there is a new block underneath me. Which is the mod this can be only found in the mangrove swamps.

You can grate the mud blocks yourself by using a water bottle on dirt coarse dirt or rooted dirt. Placing water straight from a bucket does nothing. So that’s good but the mod can be dried up by placing it on top of a block that has the dripstone under it. This will drain the mod block and turn it into clay. I also noticed that when you walk in mud you are sinking down a little bit. But it doesn’t slow you down like soul sand putting together mud and mangrove roots give you the muddy mangrove roots.

Packed Mud

Then there is also a new block called packed mud. That can be grafted from one mod and one-wheat four of them can be grafted into mod bricks. Which opens up the grafting for mod brick slabs stairs and walls the new biome introduced to us?


To a new cute mob, frog frogs come in 3 different colors and they can be found all around swamps. Mangrove swamps. They can jump up to 8 blocks high swim in the water and walk on land. Feeding two frogs with slime balls cause them to breed. Then they leave a frog spawn in the nearest water like the turtles. But you can’t pick up the frog spawn. It then hatches into tadpoles and takes around 20 minutes until it grows up into a frog. The headphones can be picked up with a water bucket and they don’t stay alive on the ground. So don’t drop them but come back to the frog colors.

These are actually predictable for example for a green frog to spawn. You need a frog to lay down its eggs in one of the cold biomes to get the white frog.The other biomes now you may ask are there even a point in getting different colored frogs. There are frogs that can eat small slimes and marble cubes but after eating a magma cube it drops a frog. Light and depending on what color the frog is that colored. Frog light will drop so as you can see the color is quite important.

Deep Dark

But now moving deep underground where we can find another new biome called the deep dark. This poem is often covered with a new block called a sculk catalyst to sculk Shrieker and sculk sensor. But these are here for a reason and not for a good reason. The sculk’s Shrieker has 4 levels. Each time you make any type of noise the level will increase by 1 and it will give you a dark effect for 12 seconds.

When it reaches the 4th level it spawns a new mob called the warden. But we are going to talk about him a bit later on but if there is already a warden within a 48-block radius. Then it won’t spawn a new one and making no noise for 10 minutes will bring. The skulk’s creek level down by one level the skulk sensor but detects vibrations in a nine-block radius around it. If a noisy vibration is caused by the player the skulk sensor will pass it on to the nearby school squeakers. Whose level will then increase the sculk sensor is actually a cool addition to the game because you can use it to make wireless.

Sculk Catalyst

Redstone sculk catalyst is another new block that will spread. The sculk block if a mob ties within 8 blocks radius. There is also a chance that the Sculk Sensor or a Sculk Shrieker will spawn. But the chances of that are not very high.

Ancient City

We also got a new structure called the ancient city. It’s a large structure that stretches through the deep dark biome. Can be found at y level -52 the ancient city has many long corridors and wool or carpet on the floor. Which prevents you from making any noise?

Disc Fragments 5

The ancient city has many chests lying around and has unique loot. That you can only get from there for example the Disc Fragments 5. You need to collect nine of them to be able to graph the music disc 5.

Echo Shard

Then you can find the echo shard and then combine eight of those with a compass. You can get the recovery compass. This will lead you back to the position where you last died. So you can get all your stuff back this is useful unless you are playing in the hardcore mode.

Swift Sneak

The last cool item you can get from the ancient city is the swift sneak enchantment book. This can be applied to your leggings and it allows you to sneak faster at the greatest level 3 of the swift snake makes a sneak at 75 percent of the walking speed. Comparing this to the old sneaking speed reveals a pretty big difference. So I like this new enchantment and of course, the loot chest in the ancient city will contain some of the regular loot items. As well as going inside the middle area of the ancient city. You can find some pretty cool Redstone systems like this one here which will open two doors there are more but I will leave the rest for you to explore yourself.

In the center of the city, there is a frame made out of reinforced deep slate blocks. These blocks can’t be picked up with a silk touch. You can’t push them with pistons and they won’t break even from the strongest explosions. So it is a mysterious and strong block. There will be a secret update that gives it a good use but as of right now it is only a decoration block.


But now let’s talk about the protector of the ancient city the warden. This is the new mob that was born. When you trigger the sculk extractor 4 times warden is by far the strongest mob in the game. For example, the ender dragon has a total of 200 health points. But the warden has a total of 500 health points. It is actually ridiculous how strong the warden is and attacking wise you don’t even want to know even if you have full netherrite armor. You can still get one hit killed by him. But the good part is that the warden is actually blind which means he can only locate you if you make any type of noise. So when the warden has spawned you. Better be quiet but there are three more cool items that were added to the game. The first one is a boat with a chest. This actually is pretty cool. Because now you can transport items with a boat crafting is easy to place the chest above the boat and there you have it.

Goat Horn

The next item added is the goat horn. It is obtainable when a goat ramps a tree or any other block using the goat horn. You can make 8 different sounds which you can hear.


Right now and the last new thing in the update is actually another mob. But this time from the mob boat the alley alleys can be found in the village. Or outpost trapped inside the wooden cages in one cage. You have a chance to find one to three alleys the other place where you can find them is woodland mansion cells. There you also have a chance to find one of the trees, Alice. When giving the alley an item. He is going to search the same dropped items up to 32 blocks away from the player. Delivering everything he finds to you the greatest items. An alley can hold is one stack when clicking with an empty hand. It removes the items from his hand and he stays within a 64-block radius from the player. So he is close by when you want to give him another task.

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