The Last of Us 2: All Training Manuals Locations

The Last of Us 2 All Training Manuals Locations

Fans have been long anticipating the arrival of The Last of Us Part II, and the game will be coming out on June 19 after postponements. Gamers are eager to proceed with the tale of Ellie and Joel in the dystopian world that Naughty Dog has spread out. The Last of Us 2 All Training Manuals Locations the game designers have included little subtleties like naming each adversary in the game that make a gigantic effect on the ongoing interaction itself that fans are tingling to understanding for themselves.

With this new game in the arrangement come enhancements to ability trees and an updated battle framework from the main The Last of Us, players will have better approaches to battle through the game. The way that that new and old aptitude trees can be gotten in through Training Manuals that are covered up all through the game.


Training Manual 1 — Crafting

Ellie’s first Training Manual will be found in the Courthouse in Seattle. Players need to visit the area as a piece of the story, so they won’t need to make a special effort to acquire it. The book can be found on a shelf close to a lot of blue file organizers and will open the Crafting expertise tree.

Training Manual 2 — Stealth

The second Training Manual for Ellie is progressively hard to track down. After Ellie breaks liberated from the WLF in Seattle, head to the book shop with a Pride banner on the front. The manual can be found inside on a table close to a typewriter and opens the Stealth expertise tree.

Training Manual 3 — Precision

Ellie’s third Training Manual can be found after the first run through the player leaves the auditorium in Seattle. Find the Golden Liquor store, fend off a couple of Shamblers in the storm cellar, at that point locate the manual close to a rotting cadaver by the counter. This Training Manual opens the Precision expertise tree.

Training Manual 4 — Explosives

The last Training Manual that Ellie acquires is found after she leaves the Seattle theater for the subsequent time and wandering out to Route 5. The Last of Us 2 All Training Manuals Locations the manual can be discovered lying on a bed on the second floor of a high rise. With this manual, the player opens the Explosive aptitude tree.

Training Manual 5 — Covert Ops

The main Training Manual the player can acquire with Abby can be found subsequent to being assaulted by the Scars. The Last of Us 2 All Training Manuals Locations the manual is situated in a pontoon that is suspended noticeable all around. Inside, the player can discover the book that opens the Covert Ops ability tree.

Training Manual 6 — Firearms

Abby’s second Training Manual can be found in the auto mechanics shop that the player enters directly subsequent to meeting Yara and Lev. On a dark bureau almost a messed up window and water cooler station, players can get the manual that opens the ability tree for Firearms.

Training Manual 7 — Close Quarters

The following Training Manual for Abby can be situated inside a high rise referred to in the game as the Tall Building. Once inside, players can locate a safe in a room close to a work area. The safe can be opened with the code 30-23-04 and contains the manual that opens the Close Quarters ability tree.

Training Manual 8 — Ordnance

The last Training Manual that the player gets with Abby is found on the island where the Scars live. On this island is an enormous truck with the ways to the payload bed all the way open. Inside on the floor of the truck, players can find the manual that opens the Ordnance expertise tree.

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