Texture in Stumble Guys: Know what it is and if it’s safe to install

Understand what are the texture packs that change the graphics of Stumble Guys and know the risks in installing game modifications.

Stumble Guys , the popular Fall Guys -style Battle Royale game for Android and iPhone ( iOS ), has been getting modifications from users to change its visuals, called “Texture Packs”. By using these APKs found on the Internet, it is possible to change the look of the game’s characters and also its maps. However, these are unofficial modifications that can cause problems for the user, both in terms of the game itself and the cell phone used. Check below all about Texture Packs and what their risks are in Stumble Guys. It is worth remembering that APKs are exclusive to Android, as Apple does not allow the installation of apps outside the App Store on the iPhone.

What are textures?

In 3D games, textures are the visible faces of a three-dimensional model, be it a character or the setting. Both the colors and designs on a character’s clothing are textures, as are the expression on their face and even the floor they stand on. The texture is like a 2D image pasted onto a 3D model, like a gift wrapped in colored paper.

As textures are colors and images, it is possible to change their appearance and, consequently, also change the appearance of a character or the scenario. That’s what the Stumble Guys Texture Pack accomplishes by altering the textures graphics so the character’s clothes look different, just like the arenas. It is worth mentioning that mods of this type do not make any other changes such as infinite gems or advantages to stand out in the game, leaving only the visual part.

What are the risks?

To use Stumble Guys Texture Pack, you need to install a Stumble Guys APK modified from outside the Google Play Store . When installing this file of unknown origin, it is not possible to know if there has been any change in your code to do more than just change your favorite games in a fun way. The game’s producer has also spoken out by saying that “if users play with mods, it will result in a ban”.

Installing an APK from outside the Google Play Store also carries a number of risks. Kaspersky’s security specialist in Latin America, Santiago Pontiroli, said in an interview that it is difficult to give access to an app whose origin or creator’s intention is not known.

When downloading APKs in general, many users end up falling for fraudulent schemes, which can range from data theft to bank authentication tokens, for example. Also according to Santiago, there may still be a risk involving the permissions given to the application, going beyond what is necessary to just run the game. Therefore, it is important to be aware when opting for files outside the official Google store.

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