TeamFight Tactics (TFT): see the 5 best comps from set 7 to do well in the game

Check out some compositions that you can use in your TFT matches

TeamFight Tactics (TFT) received their Set 7 on June 8, 2022 . With it, several new features have arrived in Riot Games ‘ ‘Auto Battler’ , such as units and mechanics to add even more to the game. As expected after a major update, players sought to study what TFT had to offer again and soon began to understand what the best strategies are for ranked play. Next, we’ll see five compositions that are currently strong and that you can use in your matches. Remembering that the information is based on patch 12.13b.

Astral + Mages

The composition focuses on two three-cost units: Illaoi (Astral, Brute) and Varus (Astral, Trigger). While Illaoi does the front line, Varus remains behind as the team’s carry. On the frontline, Sylas (Whisper, Brute, Mage) is added to activate the thug passive to increase max health. For lower cost units, consider Heimerdinger (Trainer, Mage), Twitch (Guide, Trigger), and Nami (Astral, Mage, Mystic). In the final stretch, close the board with the Bard (Guild, Mystic, Bard).

Your focus in relation to the items on the carousel should be the GpC Sword, Recurve Bow, Needlessly Large Rod, Chain Vest and Negatron Cloak. For Illaoi, try equipping combinations like Sunfire Cape, Thorny Vest, and Dragon’s Claw. In Varus, consider Spear of Shojin, Knife of Statikk, Firecannon, Mortal Blade, and Hurricane of Runaan.

Astral + Mages – Main Units

Unit Features Cost
Heimerdinger Trainer – Mage 1
nami Astral – Mage – Mystic two
Twitch Guide – Trigger two
Lulu Trainer – Summoner – Mystic 3
Sylas Whisper – Brute – Mage 3
varus Astral – Trigger 3
Ilaoi Astral – brute 3
Bard Guide – Mystic – Bard 5

Source: Mobalytics

The time to think about making this composition is when you get one of the level three units in the very early stages of the game. Skarner (Astral, Thieves), Tahm Kench (Festival, Thieves), Heimerdinger (Trainer, Mage) and Tristana (Trainer, Gunner) are interesting units to survive the early game well and take the first steps in this composition. In particular, thanks to the duo of trainers and the duo of Brutamontes. It’s worth remembering that Tristana and one of the Thieves will be able to hold the items for Varus and Illaoi, respectively.

In the mid game , if you find a Lulu (Trainer, Summoner, Mystic), put her in place of Tristana so she can transfer items without losing potential. Twitch is also very interesting to combine Trigger with Varus. Don’t forget Nami and especially Sylas to activate the mages passive. At level 7, try to slow roll looking for Varus units. If you find too many Sylas units in this process, change your focus and try to evolve that unit as soon as possible.

Corki Gunner

As the name of the composition suggests, your focus will be on Corki (Festival, Gunner), which will be powered by other units of the same type. At the same time, Festival units will also do the work of dealing your board significant amounts of damage that will make your enemies disappear. In addition to Corki, the composition will focus its main items on Sylas (Whisper, Thug, Mage) and Sy’Fen dragon (Whisper, Thug and Dragon) so that both make a better frontline.

Your priority on the carousel will be to pick up GpC Sword, Recurve Bow, Needlessly Large Rod, Negatron Cloak, and Boxer’s Gloves. Your Corki will be able to count on combinations such as Guinsoo’s Blade of Fury, Giantslayer, Quicksilver, Infinity Edge and Last Whisper so that it can play its part in the composition.

Corki Gunner – Main Units

Units Features Cost
Tristana Trainer – Gunner two
Lulu Trainer – Summoner – Mystic 3
Sylas Whisper – Brute – Mage 3
Corki Festival – Gunboat 4
Sona Festival – Evoker 4
Bard Guild – Mystic – Bard 5
Sy’fen Whisper – Brute – Dragon 8

Source: Mobalytics

If you start your game by encountering Heimerdinger (Trainer, Mage) and Tristana (Trainer, Gunner), you may already be able to consider making this comp, especially if you find a Jinx (Festival, Gunner) right away. For the front lines, focus on Tahm Kench (Festival, Brute) in these early stages of the game. If you’re on a good winning streak, level up to level five to keep up that pace. If your early game is bad, don’t evolve, save your gold and go with the negative streak while looking for the right units.

Eventually, Senna (Wing of Fury, Gunner) and Lulu (Trainer, Summoner, Mystic) will be good options to add to the team and stick with the game. In this mid game , it will be time to look for Corki, Sylas and Sona (Festival, Summoner), who will take your composition close to the peak of power. To close, get Bardo and Sy’Fen. Don’t forget that saving resistance items for Sy’Fen can be a good choice in the final stretch.

Xayah Guild

While Xayah (Wings of Fury, Trigger) is the main focus here, the composition also aims to pay attention to the Talon (Guild, Assassin). That way, your team will work with portions of damage from both Shooters and Assassins on your field. Your front line will have Sejuani (Guild, Cavalry) as its starting unit, which will power up other Guild units and will be accompanied by Cavalry units, which will have more armor points and magic resistance.

On the carousel, your priority will be on damage items. Always look to pick up GpC Sword, Recurve Bow, Boxer’s Glove and Needlessly Large Rod. For Xayah, Guinsoo’s Fury, Quicksilver and Giantslayer will be very useful during the game. For Talon, focus on Bloodthirsty and Infinity Edge.

Xayah Guild – Main Units

Units Features Cost
Sejuani Guild – Cavalry 1
Twitch Guild – Trigger two
Shen Wings of Fury – Warrior – Brute two
Qiyana Storm – Killer two
Orn Storm – Brute – Legend 4
hecarin Wing of Fury – Cavalry 4
talon Guild – Assassin 4
Xayah Wing of Fury – Trigger 4

Source: Mobalytics

To start this composition, keep in mind that it is necessary to get a good amount of damage items in the early game , in addition to finding Wing of Fury, Assassin and Trigger units to start building the strategy. Ezreal (Storm, Trigger) and Twitch (Guida, Trigger) is an excellent start that will only need a decent frontline, with two good picks being Sejuani and Shen (Wing of Fury, Warrior, Brute). Remember that there is no great need to find Cavalry to match Sejuani in the early game , as its main bonus is in the Guild.

In mid-game , there aren’t many useful 3-cost units for compositing. Focus on Qiyana (Storm, Assassin) and look for Brute and Cavalry units to help. Don’t forget that your true power peak will arrive with 4-cost units. In addition to Xayah and Talon as damage dealers, Ornn (Storm, Brute, Legend) and Hecarim (Wing of Fury, Cavalry) will do the job of holding the frontline.


Olaf Reroll

It is a strong composition, but it depends on some details to be executed successfully. The first step is to find an assassin emblem at the beginning. Afterwards, you’ll need to find copies of Olaf (Antiscales, Brute, Warrior) and good items for that unit, plus the assassin emblem, as soon as possible. Finally, it is necessary to pay attention that your opponents are not trying to make Olaf three stars as well. If everything falls into place, all it takes is an evolved Diana (Antiscales, Assassin) for everything to go as planned.

GpC Sword, Recurve Bow, Spatula, Boxer’s Glove, and Negatron Cloak are your priorities on the carousel. Your Olaf will need the Assassin Emblem and other items like Infinity Edge and Runaan’s Hurricane. Diana will be able to do her work with Ionic Spark, Frozen Heart and Rabadon’s Death Hood.

Olaf Reroll – Main Units

Units Features Cost
Thresh Whisper – Guardian two
Shen Wing of Rage – Warrior – Brute two
lillia Antiscale – Cavalry – Mage two
Braum Antiscale – Guardian two
olaf Antiscale – Brute – Warrior 3
Diana Antiscale – Killer 3
talon Guild – Assassin 4
Pyke Whisper – Killer 5

Source: Mobalytics

Finding a copy of Olaf early on is crucial to starting this composition. Level up to level 4 on the first PvP and level 5 on the carousel. The most important thing here is to increase the chances of finding copies of Olaf and Diana as you level up. It is also quite valid to stay above 50 gold in the wolves stage and only evolve XP when you level up. Try to focus on buying thugs to hold on to maximum health in this early game while trying to build up your composition.

Tahm Kench (Festival, Thieves), Braum (Antiscale, Guardian) and Shen (Wing of Fury, Warrior, Thieves) are good options to survive the first few rounds with Olaf. In the mid game , in addition to Diana, add Lillia (Antiscale, Cavalry, Mage) and Kayn (Rage Wing, Lightscale, Assassin). You can get these two-star units easily with a few rolls . Finish your team with Talon and Pyke to take advantage of the Killer bonus.

In case you try to apply this composition and the assassin emblem doesn’t come at all, there’s an improvisation to do: replace the Thresh and Pyke between the main units with two thugs. That way, you’ll have four brutes on the field, who can give your team a survival boost during the match.

poisonous bites

This is a composition that you will have as your main carrier Elise (Whisper, Shapeshifter). The strategy will also have another Whisper as a carrier, with Sy’Fen being the top priority (Whisper, Brute, Dragon). You can use this composition in most of your games, as Elise is a three-cost unit. One of the few conditions to start this composition is to find good damage items in the beginning that your carriers have the expected damage.

The two most important items for carriers are Bloodthirsty and Quicksilver, but Titanic Resolve and Guinsoo’s Rage also have their uses. So prioritize GpC Sword, Recurve Bow, Negatron Cloak, Boxer’s Glove and Chain Vest on the carousel.

Venomous Bites – Main Units

Unit Features Cost
Taric Jade – Guardian 1
Thresh Whisper – Guardian two
Elise Whisper – Shapeshifter 3
Sylas Whisper – Mage – Brute 3
Neeko Jade – Shapeshifter 4
Soraka Jade – Star Summoner 5
Sy’fen Whisper – Brute – Dragon 8

Source: Mobalytics

Since there aren’t many Whisper units in the early game , you’ll need to do a little improv using the classic starting composition with two units on the frontline and the rest damage dealer. The most interesting picks are Taric (Jade – Guardian), Karma (Jade – Dracomancer), Nidalee (Astral – Shifter), Gnar (Jade – Shifter) and Thresh (Whisper – Guardian). Use the slow roll to get enough resources to get Elise two stars and a copy of Sy’fen as soon as possible.

In the mid game , you can add Sylas to the composition to have one more Whisper and Neeko (Jade – Shapeshifter) for the front line and Jade. Strive to get Elise three stars at this point. Slow roll it when it’s safe and spend the gold to find the needed copies of this unit. Another interesting tip is to keep Elise close to the Jade Statues to increase her power, and the Sy’fen close to Neeko to make her copy the stats.


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