Stray: Discover 10 Mods that Add Coop, Garfield, CJ from GTA and more

The mods for Stray, the cat game, bring from new features to the game and the possibility to play with different characters; check out some of the best and most fun

Stray Discover 10 Mods that Add Coop, Garfield, CJ from GTA and more

Stray , a game that became known as “the cat game”, is available for PlayStation 5 ( PS5 ), PlayStation 4 ( PS4 ) and PC, and has been conquering many players since its launch on July 19. The great popularity of the game, evidenced by the fact that it is the highest rated on Steam , has been converted into several modifications created by fans, the so-called “mods”. They add from useful functions, such as cooperative mode, to more unusual things, such as transforming the cat into CJ, the protagonist of GTA: San Andreas .

With that in mind, We made a list with some of the most interesting (and funniest) modifications for the kitty game. It is worth mentioning that Stray is also available as part of the PS Plus subscription service collection in Extra and Deluxe levels. However, only the PC version of the game can use mods.

Photo: Reproduction/Rafael Monteiro

1. Put your own cat

One of the most common uses of Stray’s mods is to change the model of the game’s friendly kitty so that it looks like the player’s pet. There are several different mods for this, and they vary depending on how the cat looks. There are alternative pets in colors like gray, white, black and specific breeds like Siamese, Maine Coon and even Sphynx, known for being hairless.

Photo: Playback/Grusborg, Nexus Mods

2. C.J. de GTA: San Andreas

Certainly the most bizarre mod on the list, this modification changes Stray’s cat and replaces its model with that of the character Carl “CJ” Johnson from GTA: San Andreas. Some details are completely broken with this model, like the other felines at the beginning of the game, and some animations that are simply disturbing. The mod’s creator, nickname user Sirgalahad172, claims to believe that CJ should be put in every game.

Photo: Playback/Sirgalahad172, Nexus Mods

3. Garfield

The orange cat that hates Mondays and loves lasagna arrived in one of the first mods for Stray and seems to be one of the ones that best adapted to the game’s proposal. Created by user Chris Rubino, the modification puts a model of Garfield in place of the protagonist cat. The choice seems ideal to unlock one of the game’s trophies that requires the feline to sleep for an hour, for example.

Photo: Playback/Chris Rubino, Nexus Mods

4. Split screen

Despite being an early stage mod, this mod from user KangieDanie brings a lot of potential by adding the ability to play split-screen with friends in local multiplayer. As it is still in the beginning of development, the programmer doesn’t know how many players the mod should support — for now, the tests can handle up to 3 people. As the game was not designed to be played cooperatively, there are also many bugs and the possibility of crashes along the way. However, that doesn’t change the fact that the proposal is quite impressive.

Photo: Playback/KangieDanie, Nexus Mods

5. Minecraft Pig

In this mod, all the cats in the game, including the protagonist, are replaced by versions of the square pig from the game Minecraft. Due to the differences in the shapes of the bodies, the animations have some bugs, such as parts that cross each other. However, in terms of visual representation, Minecraft’s piggy, combined with well-made scenarios and realistic lighting, work well. Minecraft: Story Mode fans can even pretend it’s the well-deserved return of the pig Reuben.

Photo: Reproduction/RSH Kai Jones, Nexus Mods

6. Bolt – Superdog

For players who like dogs more than cats, there are some modifications to Stray that replace the feline with dogs. One of these mods in particular, developed by user MrMarco1003, adds a dog in particular: Bolt, the “superdog” of Disney ‘s 3D animation . Just like in the movie, players will find that Bolt doesn’t have any superpowers in the world of Stray, but the mod even adds barking sounds to replace the cat’s meows.

Photo: Reproduction/MrMarco1003, Nexus Mods

7. Stray in first person

A really interesting modification that allows players to delve even further into the feeling of being a cat is the mod to play the game in first person, made by the developer Jessica Natalia. Through this new view, it is not only possible to see everything up close, but also to have a new perspective, very low and close to the ground, which puts the player in the role of the game’s kitten.

Photo: Playback/Jessica Natalia, Nexus Mods

8. Spyro the Dragon

Even the dragon Spyro ended up in Stray, through a mod that reuses the 3D model of the character in its collection of remakes Spyro Reignited Trilogy and inserts it into the game. The modification was created by the user MrMarco1003, the same as Bolt, and it works well at first glance, since it only replaces the models. However, the lack of animation and expression in Spyro’s eyes gives a disturbing glazed look to the character.

Photo: Reproduction/MrMarco1003, Nexus Mods

9. Marie of Aristogatas

For players who are fans of old Disney animations, this mod adds Marie the cat from the classic cartoon Aristocats. The modification, created by the user huckleberrypie, manages to achieve a beautiful graphic result, as it uses an official model of Marie extracted from the game Disney Magical World 2, a Bandai Namco game , and reinserts it in Stray. As this is a slightly larger model than the original kitty, it is recommended to use mods that also remove the backpack for a better result.

Photo: Playback/huckleberrypie, Nexus Mods

10. Spider-Gato: Miles Morales

This mod is inspired by the superhero Spider-Man, more precisely his version Miles Morales, who also won a successful game on PlayStation 5 (PS5) and PlayStation 4 (PS4), Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales . The mod was created by Chris Rubino, the same developer of Garfield’s mod, and puts a costume inspired by the arachnid hero on Stray’s kitten, as well as naming him “Milo Morales”.

Photo: Reproduction/Chris Rubino, Nexus Mods

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