Roblox: Get Latest Ghost Simulator Working Code List

Roblox Ghost Simulator Codes has the most forward-thinking rundown of codes that you can recover for pets, hoverboards, and the sky is the limit from there. This is a snappy and simple approach to get a stage up in the game, so you can get a lot of apparitions a ton quicker and procure Ectoplasm and Gems!

How to Redeem Codes In Ghost Simulator

It’s a straightforward procedure to reclaim your codes in Ghost Simulator. Seek the left of screen for the blue Twitter symbol that is directly under the monetary forms you can procure. Press that catch and you will open up the accompanying menu:

Snap on the region that says “Enter a Code” and enter one of the codes from underneath. When you have it entered in effectively, you’ll simply need to hit the Redeem catch and you will be given the prize!

Ghost Simulator Codes List

Here’s a gander at all of the presently accessible codes, just as some you may have passed up. Try to inquire frequently in light of the fact that we’ll be refreshing this post at whatever point there’s more codes!

Live Codes

  • Mushi Pet: WEKNOW
  • Tri-Jet Hoverboard: JET
  • Firefly Pet: FIREFLY
  • Purple Pegasus Pet: R1FT
  • Dave Pet: SPAC3


There’s two monetary standards you can gather: Ectoplasm and Gems. You can utilize Ectoplasm to update your rucksack stockpiling and your vacuum. These are the way you gather apparitions, so it’s essential to ensure you work to get the best ones of these you can. Jewels are utilized to buy Pet containers. You can win Ectoplasm by getting and selling apparitions. Pearls can be earned by finishing missions, and will drop arbitrarily after you get a phantom.

Pets help increment the measure of Ectoplasm you gather from each Ghost, and furthermore accelerate the catch time for Ghosts. These are truly significant, so make a point to snatch the pets that are accessible for nothing with codes since they will make your life much simpler in the beginning periods of the game.

Hoverboards assist you with getting around the guide rapidly, so having one of these is going to accelerate the way toward getting phantoms! Make certain to go through the early journeys that are accessible to gain admittance to this component.

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