Resident Evil 3 Gems Guide: Where to Find the Red, Blue and Green Jewels and Unlock the Railway Clock


As you investigate the game’s initial territories you may locate a Resident Evil 3 jewel. There are three truth be told: a red, blue and green diamond, and you may thinking about how to manage them. They really fit in the Resident Evil 3 Railway Clock back at the tram where you start, and will open unfathomably helpful additional items like a shotgun stock and stock boosting hip pocket. On the off chance that you need to realize where to discover all these Resident Evil 3 jewels at that point we have them all set apart on maps to get you out.

What are the Resident Evil 3 gems for?

At the very beginning of the game you’ll start in a tram entrance. To one side of the Item box is a bizarre looking clock you can interface with, despite the fact that you won’t have thing to use with it at first. As you investigate you’ll discover Fancy Boxes, which when analyzed will uncover a red, green, or blue jewel inside. These would then be able to be fitted into the clock, uncovering a prize each time from the board at the front.

Resident Evil 3 red gem location

You’ll locate the Resident Evil 3 red gem in the protected room at the Downtown Donut Shop. It’s simply on the privilege in a purple box as you go into the room. Inspect it until you discover the catch which will uncover the brief to open it and uncover the red pearl. Fitting that into the tram clock will win you the stock for the shotgun.

Resident Evil 3 blue gem location

The Resident Evil 3 blue jewel is inside the red-fronted market, Downtown. You’ll require the jolt cutters to pop the chain holding it shut, which you’ll get soon after putting the fire out and arriving at the auto shop. Again the pearl is inside a purple extravagant box you’ll have to analyze to get at the jewel. It’s privilege in front the entryway as you enter. Fitting that into the tram clock will win you an Inventory Pouch to grow you stockpiling openings.

Resident Evil 3 green gem location

The inhabitant Evil 3 green pearl is inside the toy shop inverse the market where you can locate the blue gem. You’ll require the lock pick before you can get in however, which you’ll discover on a body simply outside the force station while following the ‘Reactivate power at the substation’ objective. When you can get it in it will be on the counter on the left as you go in. Fitting this into the metro clock will get you an explosive.

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