PUBG New Desert Map Karakin, & it Could Replace Vikendi


PUBG has prodded another desert map named Karakin over on its official twitter channel, and it could supplant Vikendi.

From the start, it looks extraordinarily like PUBG’s present desert map, Miramar, however it’s conceivable more on the size of the game’s littlest guide Sanhok.

Here’s another secretive tweet, which likely gives us a look into what we can anticipate from Karakin.

The people group’s been theorizing with respect to how Karakin will fit into PUBG map pool, yet PUBG people group administrator Hawkinz may have addressed this inquiry as of now. He uncovered in a tweet that Vikendi will turn out of the pool when Season 6 starts, yet it won’t be expelled from the game forever.

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This recommends PUBG will receive map revolutions moving advances, maybe incidentally expelling maps from the pool, supplanting them with new maps to keep things new, and modifying those on the seat for a future discharge.

We certainly still have a few inquiries, however. On the off chance that Vikendi is being evacuated, and conceivably supplanted by Karakin, won’t there be an excess of desert with Miramar thumping around? All things considered, for the time being we’ll simply need to keep a watch out. Watch out for the site for all the most recent!

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