PUBG Mobile Season 12 Updates: Patch Notes, Royale Pass Tier Rewards & More


The most recent 0.17.0 fix update has just gone LIVE and Season 11 has gone to a completion.

The most recent update brings another shotgun, demise replays, colourblind mode, the Erangle entertainment mecca to praise the second commemoration of PUBG Mobile and significantly more.

We’re additionally set to bring in any event three character skins and different weapon skins as a feature of the royale pass rewards.

Most recent News

Season 2 Is Now Live! – 9th March


Hotfix – 7th March

Another hotfix has shown up for PUBG Mobile to address some presentation issues:

  • Fixed FPS issues occurring on the OnePlus 6, Vivo, and Nex 3.
  • Fixed association mistakes that were happening during matches.
  • Fixed a bug where a few skins made the UZI not prepare scopes appropriately
  • Fixed an issue that would square companion messages.
  • Fixed a blunder that erroneously showing the modifiable Lumberjack UAZ finish.
  • Fixed a few mistranslations.

PUBG Mobile Season 12 Royale Pass Rewards

In the new Royale Pass, commend the second commemoration of PUBG MOBILE with Royale Pass reward updates.

Pick one extreme set out of two. Commemoration subject things are coming back to the Shop, don’t pass up a great opportunity!

There has additionally been an Improved Purchase and Upgrade interface show and included help for Exclusive Vouchers (accessible from occasions).

Players who haven’t buy a Royale Pass in the previous 3 seasons (9, 10 and 11) and players who enrolled from season 10 yet haven’t bought a Royale Pass before will get extra advantages when they buy this season.

Subsequent to getting the pass, players will quickly get a skin for the QBZ attack rifle.

The last level prize is a Robotic skin and as the topic of the two things will be the “commemoration exceptional”, neon lights will cover the number “12”.

0.17.0 Patch Notes

The most recent fix notes for Season 12 have now gone live, here are the features:

  • second Year Anniversary: Amusement Park Mode in Classic Erangel
  • Royale Pass Season 12: 2gether We Play! (Accessible March ninth)
  • Ice Mode: Brand New Survival Experience (Available Soon)
  • New AirDrop Weapon: DBS Shotgun
  • New Arcade Mode: Return of Hardcore Mode
  • Passing Replay
  • Partially blind Mode

There will be no personal time for this update, however it will require1.69 GB of extra room on Android, and 1.95 GB of extra room on iOS.

Players on various variants can’t welcome each other, so update at the earliest opportunity!

Update before March sixth to get:

  • 50 Silver
  • 2,888 BP
  • 3 Day Anniversary Pan Skin

When Does PUBG Mobile Season 12 Start?

PUBG Mobile Season 12 will discharge on the sixth March 2020. There will be no personal time for this update.

It has been affirmed that PUBG Mobile Season 11 will end on the third March.

Season 11 positions will end and reset on ninth March 12am GMT, with Season 12 positions starting at 2am GMT.

The Season 11 Royale Pass will end on the eighth March at 12am GMT, with Season 12 start on the ninth March at 2am GMT.

As of late the PUBG Mobile Twitter tweeted that Death Replays will show up on the third March – it’s probable the update will show up after Season 11 finishes.

What Will Be Included In The New Update?

DBS Shotgun (New Air Drop Weapon)

The DBS, is a twofold zoomed shotgun that must be gotten through AirDrops.

It has an interior magazine that holds 14 rounds of 12 Gauge ammunition that can shoot 2 shots each rack.

The DBS should be racked from the magazine after 2 shots, which is quicker contrasted with past shotguns’ reloading speeds.

Amusement Parks

Three event congregations are being added to into the Erangle matchmaking exemplary mode.

Event congregations: In this mode, old school carnivals will show up haphazardly in three areas on the Classic Erangel map.

Arcade Machines: Interactive Arcade Machines will be set in the carnivals and significant towns, which can be actuated with Tokens.

Games and Attractions: Hunt Game, Space War, What’s in the Box, Shooting Range, Trampoline and Reverse Bungee.

Switch Bungee + Wingsuit: High-ascent Reverse Bungee machines will show up in the center of the carnivals. Players can be propelled into the air to utilize their parachute and coast once more.

Arctic Mode

In light of Classic Mode interactivity, ice tempests will show up occasionally in Vikendi. Players should keep up and keep their internal heat level high through different methods, in any case, their wellbeing will persistently diminish.

Approaches to keep up internal heat level:

Utilize a lighter to light a fire inside and accumulate branches to add to the fire to build the warming time.

Chase chickens to procure crude chicken and meal it on the fire, at that point devour the dish chicken to reestablish internal heat level.

Use things, for example, the warmer or warmth packs.

Hardcore Mode Returns

The sensible endurance experience, Hardcore Mode, will return in 0.17.0!

Right now, will be no auto pickups, nor programmed entryway opening or reload. In straightforward words, the game will be played same as you play the PC rendition of PlayerUnknown’s Battleground.

You will get no assistance from the framework any longer. On the off chance that you hear a firearm terminating or a player running you need to utilize your sense and experience to recognize that player and execute him. In the event that your mag runs out, at that point you need to reload it.

Brothers in Arms Function

Through Brothers in Arms, veterans with rich game experience will guide and play together with newbies in the game.

Tenderfoots can gain from the veterans and ace the game rapidly, while the veterans can get extraordinary prizes.

Players can enter the Brothers in Arms framework and register as a Rookie or Veteran. Freshmen send solicitations to suggested Veterans, and Veterans who have empowered the Rookie Matching status will get the greeting.

Source YouTube: Mr.GHOST GAMING

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