PUBG Karakin Map Guide: The Best Places to Drop [Updated 2020]

PUBG Karakin Map Guide

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or PUBG, is no more peculiar to new maps yet Karakin may be the most intriguing expansion yet – so we’ve assembled our PUBG Kakarin map manual for help clarify it. The littlest guide found in PUBG by a long shot, this 2 x 2km combat zone is much more minimized than Sanhok which quantifies only 4 x 4km. PUBG Karakin map On the off chance that you were figuring this would make the game less charming due to the sheer number of players, you’ll be satisfied to realize that the PUBG Karakin map is for 64-player clashes instead of the typical 100.

Most strangely, the parched condition may inspire Miramar as far as shading palette, yet underneath the surface Karakin offers considerably more. That is on the grounds that underground passages go through the guide, many contribution top-level plunder – in the event that you can discover them. PUBG Karakin map Truth be told, there are destructible dividers and floors that open new courses in the event that you utilize the new Sticky Bomb. You can’t miss them, truly.

Discussing destructibility, no place is sheltered in Karakin. Another danger called the Black Zone will level structures in a moment, so you’ll have to tune in out for the obvious alarm and check the guide for the purple feature. Right away, we should investigate the best places to drop into for plunder, and evaluate how dangerous every one of them are.

PUBG Karakin map

For additional subtleties on every one of the numbered territories on the PUBG Karakin map, investigate our portrayals beneath.

Compounds (Various Locations)

It’s hard to state exactly how unsafe plundering these little cabins are, on the grounds that they are specked all over Karakin. Indeed, you’re similarly prone to wind up with a game dominating weapon as you are to discover literally nothing.

In the event that you have a clingy bomb however, be keeping watch for destructible floors that can get you into the passages underneath. Not all Compounds have them, however the passages offer assorted plunder.

Al Hayik (Low to Medium Risk)(Image credit: PUBG Corporation)

Found at the south of Karakin, this is the littlest named area on the guide. That regularly implies a genuinely low measure of footfall, despite the fact that you may discover more organization if the underlying flight goes anyplace close to it toward the beginning.

The private structures are on the whole genuinely little, which means you can clear them rapidly before moving to the following.

Tunnels (Low to Medium Risk)

(Image credit: PUBG Corporation)

As we referenced before, Compounds can lead into underground passages yet there are different zones as well – quite in the focal point of the guide. In the event that you do need to blow open a passageway, be cautioned that it will cause to notice your position, maybe more than with some other guide in view of the little size.

These claustrophobic passages are probably going to be safe houses for those chasing for plunder or attempting to avoid foes. There are even some submerged regions, yet since you’ll be powerless while you’re swimming through them it may be simpler to keep away from these inside and out.

Hadiqa Nemo (Medium Risk)

(Image credit: PUBG Corporation)

This port town toward the east of the guide can be unhinged when first landing however offers more strategic adaptability than you may from the outset appreciate.

For one, the various delivery compartments can be similarly as convenient as structures for new weaponry and gear, while the docks are helpful for covering up on the off chance that you aren’t sufficiently fortunate to snatch a firearm rapidly.

Bahr Sahir (Medium Risk)

(Image credit: PUBG Corporation)

A sizeable town that many use as a venturing stone to Al Habar, Bahr Sahir offers a lot of structures to plunder. With a considerable lot of them having different doorways and ways out, there’s an opportunity you could sneak in and escape with a full supplement of weaponry without anybody seeing you.

There’s one enormous stockroom close to the Water Tower which offers some prime plunder, yet it’s become a notable early-game hotspot.

Bashara (Medium to High Risk)

(Image credit: PUBG Corporation)

Laying toward the west of the guide is Bashara, a urban territory with a lot of verticality. PUBG Karakin map That is both a gift and a revile, as terminating on an adversary from one housetop could see you put directly in the sights of another that is significantly higher up.

Fortunately, there are sufficient back streets and tight zones that you can lose followers if necessary, however the guide gets occupied rapidly – so you may need to evade players until you can get your hand on an OK weapon.

Cargo Ship (High Risk)

(Image credit: PUBG Corporation)

Getting into the domain of the extremely intense landing spots, Cargo Ship doesn’t really consistently offer the best plunder however it will quite often offer a great deal of it. This boat secured on the Southwest shoreline of Karakin is home to delivery compartments in abundance, with additional ashore.

There’s an opportunity to be completely supplied close to landing such is the sheer grouping of things and gear, yet that tends to make it exceedingly mainstream. In case you’re not simply the first to arm, you should cover up in the ocean.

Al Habar (High Risk)

(Image credit: PUBG Corporation)

At the furthest edge of the guide is Al Habar, the biggest urban zone and most thickly populated as far as structures and, undoubtedly, rivals. Al Habar offers a lot of weapons and apparatus, yet you’ll need to explore progressively tall structures to discover quite a bit of it which prompts some strained indoor experiences.

Add to that the chance of marksman fire originating from anyplace when you’re on uncovered housetops, and you’ll have a great deal to consider on the off chance that you need to drop here.

Jamila Textiles (High Risk)

(Image credit: PUBG Corporation)

Initially an all around left well enough alone, this area doesn’t explicitly appear by name on the guide however offers a progression of production lines to plunder. Lamentably, numerous players have gotten on now, which means in the event that you make it to Jamila Textiles you’ll without a doubt have a battle on your hands.

In the event that you do endure a clash there, nonetheless, you’ll wind up well-prepared – and neglecting a portion of the other mainstream territories like Al Habar.


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