PUBG: The Best Weapons in the Game (PC, PS4, Xbox One)

PUBG’s home to an abundance of weaponry that you’ll discover littered everywhere throughout the ground, and in the most far-fetched of spots now and again. In case you’re very fortunate, a consideration bundle may even allow you a ground-breaking passing managing gadget that is equipped for dropping foes in a matter of seconds by any stretch of the imagination.

There are such huge numbers of various weapons in PUBG that it’s quite precarious to get yourself appropriately familiar with every one. You’re just ready to rehearse with a predetermined number of weapons per coordinate, all things considered, and they’ve each got their own qualities to oversee as well.

On the off chance that you need a one-stop manual for the weapons which are the best of the best, fortunately we’ve accomplished the difficult work for you. In our manual for the best weapons in PUBG you’ll discover a rundown of all the most grounded weapons, alongside our musings on why they’re notably better than the rest.

To make things a piece more clear, we’ve part this article into various classifications so you know precisely what kind of weapon we’re featuring in every one. Right away, here’s our rundown of all the best firearms and skirmish weapons you can toss into your knapsack.

It’s important that more weapons will be brought into the game after some time and we’ll give a valiant effort to keep this guide refreshed as things develop. Keep this page bookmarked for all the most recent improvements!

PUBG: Best Pistols


Unquestionably the best gun in the game at the present time, and one which will be extraordinarily difficult to beat. It’s essentially a pocket SMG, equipped for dropping adversaries at short proximity with a hail of projectiles because of it’s reliable full auto terminating mode.

The main drawbacks would be its failure to acknowledge quickdraw or expanded quickdraw magazines. This causes its to reload time somewhat lengthier than we’d like and you won’t get the advantage of another trigger draw or two. These are little costs to pay for a gun which can viably fill in for a SMG.


The P18C is another splendid gun which can regurgitate projectiles in full auto mode. This makes it totally inconceivable at destroying focuses at short proximity, particularly in the early-game when players are less inclined to be wearing body defensive layer or protective caps – and players are on the whole going to the equivalent well known spots.

Likewise with any gun you can employ in the game, the P18C isn’t extraordinary at long range, yet in the event that you can control its awful force this sidearm will end up being your ideal friend on the combat zone.


The P1911 takes .45 ACP adjusts. This gives it incredible halting force at short proximity when contrasted and numerous different guns that utilization less strong 9mm rounds. It’ll battle against foes a good ways off (as you’d expect), however it more than compensates for its range impediments when you’re bringing down close by rivals in only a couple of all around put shots.

PUBG: Best Submachine Guns (SMG)


We can’t sing the gestures of recognition of the Vector enough. This thing has a totally crazy fire-rate that is equipped for tearing through an adversary like a flash. It’s quite simple to control when holding down the trigger too. Indeed, even the iron sights are excusing!

It’s not all roses, in any case, and the main drawback to the Vector is its fairly tiny 13 shot magazine that runs dry excessively rapidly. It additionally doesn’t leave any breathing space for missed shots on the off chance that you unearth a foe out of nowhere.

Fortunately it’s a submachine firearm you can unit out liberally with a wide range of connections, so slap an all-inclusive mag on this infant as a need to transform it into a genuinely unnerving weapon. It’s acceptable to the point that we’ll cheerfully utilize it over an Assault Rifle at short proximity.

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Micro UZI

Much the same as the Mutant, this is another weapon that is seen a lot of changes since dispatch. We’re presently ready to put a red dab sight on it! Probably the best destruction was its horrendous ironsight which made following foes particularly troublesome. Presently it’s a lot simpler to perceive what you’re focusing on and peppering it with a crazy number of slugs in the blink of an eye.


It’s a disgrace this is Vikendi just, as this submachine weapon is on another level. At the point when you’ve hit it with various connections, it genuinely makes its mark. This thing has a reliable backlash design that is anything but difficult to control, has a sizeable magazine, and dishes out some solid harm numbers. It’s well worth getting in the event that you spot it.


The attempted and tried stalwart of the submachine firearm classification, the UMP9 is a typical drop which dishes out average harm at near mid-extend, and has both a beautiful iron sight and excusing draw back example.

You can apply all way of connections on the UMP9 too, including foregrips, silencers and magazines which’ll make it considerably simpler to utilize. Because you’ll see this weapon constantly, doesn’t mean it’s awful. It’s essentially dependable enough to stay in your stock until the chicken supper.

PUBG: Best Shotguns


Alright, you’ll need to reload after each couple of shots, yet the S686 is the most pulverizing of the considerable number of shotguns. Squeezing the trigger twice one after another will release the two pellets momentarily, and will frequently make for an insta-murder at short proximity.

Try not to be tricked into imagining that since it’s a shotgun it’s just impact at short proximity either. As far as we can tell it’s likewise astounding incredible at long range, particularly when fitted with a Shotgun gag that decreases pellet spread.

PUBG: Best Assault Rifles


Supplanting the SCAR-L on Vikendi, the G36C shares a considerable lot of the equivalent details, however has an expanded fire rate. This makes it a splendid short to mid range shooter, as it’s fit for dropping foes quick in the event that you land a decent shower.

It suffers from a long reload time and heavy backlash kick, however change in accordance with its impulses and it’s very a power to be dealt with.

Beryl M762

Comparative in appearance to the AKM, the Beryl has comparable attributes however has an a lot quicker fire rate. This implies it additionally implies you’ll have to keep an eye out for the force punch when terminating, however drag your mouse down forcefully with a foe in your sights and you’ll bite them up right away.

We’d express the Beryl’s better at short to mid range because of its quick fire rate. Its force is just too solid to even think about controlling for supported battles at long range, so we’d propose swapping to another AR on the off chance that you detect a foe hiding out yonder.


The M416 bests practically all other Assault Rifles as it’s by a wide margin the most effortless to utilize, has conventional harm and acknowledges any connection you want to toss at it.

In an unmodded express, the SCAR-L is practically keeping pace with the M416, however completely modded it ends up as the winner as far as harm every second (DPS), steadiness and pace of fire.

With everything taken into account it’s a splendid entertainer that doesn’t do anything extravagant and basically takes care of business regardless of what circumstance you happen to end up in.

MK47 Mutant

This has gone from being one of the most despised ambush rifles, to being, admirably, still very loathed yet quite solid. It’s seen a major slice to its backlash and now bolsters a more noteworthy number of connections which counterbalance its clunkier nature, permitting it sheer capacity to radiate through.


An uncommon drop discovered distinctly in Crates, think about the Groza as an AKM Assault Rifle matched with a submachine firearm’s crazy pace of shoot. This makes it by a long shot the most remarkable Assault Rifle in the game by very some edge, accepting that you’re inside scope of your objective. Begin terminating at somebody way off out there however and it truly begins to battle.

The Groza is very brave clear blemishes you ought to know about, the greatest being its long reload time of 3 seconds (without a Quickdraw magazine) and its unmistakable absence of connection openings. Treat it like a pseudo Assault Rifle however, and you’ll be awfully captivated to try and notice its downsides.


In pretty much every angle the QBZ95 misses out against the M416. Be that as it may, it wins out against the M416 with regards to taking care of. It has a reliable force design that makes it a lot simpler to utilize when splashing or tapping the trigger, which implies that it’s an ideal weapon for the individuals who esteem exactness and usability above harm details.

PUBG: Best Sniper Rifles


The beefiest jolt activity rifleman in PUBG is the AWM. Fit for destroying adversaries before they can flicker, it’s an uncommon fortune that is just found in Crates – set forth plainly, this weapon is an outright beast. Hit anybody in the head, regardless of in the event that they’re wearing a level 3 protective cap or not, and they’ll drop dead. Land two shots to the body – once more, dead.

You’ll generally get a 8x Scope in the Crate with the AWM, which means it’s a free go for long range control. It’s additionally adaptable enough to help other short range scopes and has a rocket-like slug speed that implies basically no shot drop. It even sounds inconceivable as well, with a substantial blast that reverberates with every slug terminated.

The AWM’s principle shortcoming is its jolt move, which means it sets aside some effort to reload a round in the middle of shots. Moreover, it just takes one of a kind .300 ammo that can’t be found anyplace yet Crates. Miss an excessive number of shots and that is your part.


A spending variant of the AWM, yet at the same time pressing all that could possibly be needed punch, the KAR98K is a magnificent Sniper Rifle. It’s jolt activity as well, which means it has a horrendously moderate fire rate however it makes up for this with splendid exactness at long range.


Imprint 14

The ruler of the DMRs, this thing has everything. It has incredible harm, a high fire rate on the off chance that you need it, extraordinary exactness and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. On the off chance that you have the alternative of preparing it, do as such.

Mini 14

In spite of its harm yield not being especially high, this is one of the most balanced firearms in the game. It has the most noteworthy projectile speed as well, which makes long range battles a breeze. It likewise takes an assortment of connections so you can tailor it pleasantly to your individual needs.


The SLR takes 7.62mm ammo and passing by appearances, it looks simply like some other swamp standard rifle. Begin terminating this thing at a foe however, and you’ll rapidly understand that it packs a serious punch. There’s not really any shot drop at mid to long range, you can unquestionably tap the trigger quickly with no solid backlash kick and it can down a foe in only three hits.

Best Light Machine Gun


The M249’s a behemoth that is fit for discharging 100 slugs in under ten seconds. You’ll just discover it in Crates, and in light of current circumstances as well – this thing wrecks foes.

Ideal for clearing rooms or splashing down groups a good ways off, the M249 resembles an Assault Rifle on steroids, yet it takes some time becoming accustomed to. It is very brave mean backlash and you can just join extensions to it too, which makes restraining the monster a dubious undertaking.

PUBG: Best Melee Weapons


PUBG’s notorious weapon is likewise the best decision with regards to taking a gigantic scuffle swing at adversaries. It’s an insta-murder on the off chance that you bang it off somebody’s body, and above all of all it’s impenetrable for sure.

Having it prepared is similar to wearing an extra bit of protective layer as it’s ready to divert shots off your back effortlessly.

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