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Pokemon GO: How to Get An Unova Stone


So you may be needing to control up your Pokemon GO group ahead of time of bringing down some especially alarming or burdensome critters. Regardless of whether it’s strikes you’re getting ready for, or simply needing to a greater extent a battling chance during unique occasions, it bodes well to need to advance a portion of the game’s Generation 5 Pokemon. For that, you’re going to need to realize how to get an Unova Stone in Pokemon GO.

How to Get An Unova Stone in Pokemon GO

Along these lines, you need an Unova Stone. Or then again perhaps you’re one of only a handful rare sorts of people who aren’t sure what one of these really does? All things considered, we can help in either respect. You’re going to need an Unova Stone on the off chance that you need to attempt the accompanying advancements:

  • Pansage into Simisage
  • Panpour into Simipour
  • Pansear into Simisear
  • Lampent into Chandelure

Every one of the above alternatives will likewise necessitate that you have 100 Poke Candy to get the development procedure going too, so ensure that you have the vital treats when you go searching for an Unova Stone.

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Okay, presently for the assignment of really getting one of those stones. You need to get seven days worth of field inquire about added to your repertoire to get an Unova Stone. In the event that you figured out how to net yourself a Sinnoh Stone, the procedure is essentially the equivalent. Go visiting your PokeStops and get examine undertakings to do, and continue doing them for an entire week. When you’ve gotten every one of those assignments ticked off, you’ll have the option to gain a prize and there’s an opportunity for this compensation to be an Unova Stone. Correct, that is fundamentally it – you need to trust that the prize you get for breaking through research undertakings winds up being an Unova Stone.

Since you have some data on the best way to get an Unova Stone in Pokemon GO, it’s actually about persistence and karma! Ideally, you have the last in spades. Presently, on the off chance that you need a hand with something else in Pokemon GO, why not look at some different tips that we have lying around here that could assist you with a portion of the continuous occasions?

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