PlayStation Plus Games (PS4 and PS5) for June 2022 (PS+)

PlayStation Plus Monthly Games for June (2022)

Here we go again June’s PlayStation Plus games have been announced and it’s a pretty stacked month you can play the following games from the first Tuesday of the month.

God of War

Which is June the 7th so let’s do this what a game to start with the god of war? One of the greatest games ever made god of war 2018 combined brutal action. And heartfelt moments between a father and son getting to grips with the loss of their wife and mother. Our 25-hour mission is simple to scatter her ashes as per her final request. Yet that becomes a road of action puzzles and amazing set-pieces. Kratos has traveled from greek. Mythology into the north world and that presence here brings
Attention from the gods.

Including the sons of Thor, Kratos wields an ax this time named leviathan. With the awesome ability to return it to his hand. At will, this weapon feels phenomenal for the entire duration of the game. Leviathan can be upgraded and adapted to have stat boosts to give Kratos. The edge in battle is true of the armor sets to the sheer size and scale of the boss fights. You’ll encounter are breathtaking from trolls and dragons to challenging battles. With valkyries, god of war received countless 10 out of 10 review scores. So if you haven’t played it yet you should and if you have played it before now is a great time to relive it. As the sequel, Ragnarok is coming sooner than you think the god of war without a doubt is a masterpiece.

Star Brawl

Game two is nickelodeon or star brawl a platform fighter which is pretty much a super smash bros clone. The change is the character’s nickelodeon delves. Into its archives of hit, TV shows to bring together people. Like Spongebob and Leonardo from the teenage mutant. Ninja turtles beat the living daylights out of each other. Until everyone except you is created from the platform on the plus side. The speed of the style brawl feels much quicker than the most recent. Smash Bros titles and there are a ton of Easter eggs and nods for nick fans to spot in each stage. If you have enough time to look at them that is but the negatives do outweigh.

The pros of the character models are low quality. The voice acting is non-existent in most cases making beloved characters feel vacant. And there isn’t much to do outside of the bare-bones solo arcade mode and playing four-player multiplayer. When your friends come round reviews average out at six out of ten if I’m honest unless you love nickelodeon. I’d recommend that you wait for the free-to-play multiverses game which has an open beta next month.

Shinobi Striker

Game three is another brawler. This time set in the world of naruto if you say naruto or naruto it’s fine to let’s not have any hate, please. Shinobi Striker is a multiplayer game. Setting four shinobis against another set of four shinobi Step one is to create your very own fighter customizing as you go gameplay includes more. Then fighting mobility is Key with wall running and ziplining as important as the combat itself when the fights begin.

Shinobi striker wants us to combine different fighting styles to form combos. These can be confusing as mastering ranged abilities. And defensive plays and standard attacks. Can take time to learn constant slow improvement is what shinobi striker offers. A great element that keeps you coming back are those unlocks taking part in mission mode. Will see new masters appear who then offer you new abilities to improve your fighting style. Naruto Subaru to shinobi strikeout reviews at six out of ten will you try it.

GTA Online

Game four is a reminder that you have less than two weeks from the day. The video was released to download GTA online for free on ps5. The ability for ps4 owners to add it through the app has been removed. This seems a little unfair but that’s the gaming industry. So if you have a ps5 this is your last chance to download GTA online for free. So what you’re playing this month please review the games in the comments below and I’ll see you again.

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