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New Fortnite Season 3 Updates

Spidey’s Mythic 2.0

Fortnite chapter 3’s most loved item was spidey’s mythic web-shooters. The perfect way to get around for an entire season but in one day gone forever or so we thought fans begged epic to bring them back. But they couldn’t epic games aren’t allowed to use spiderman’s likeness. But who said anything about a new original version. That’s exactly what’s happening in two seasons. Later a new version could be spotted in the trailer.

This is our introduction to the grappler glove. It’ll work exactly the same way as the original web shooter. The original mythic is found in Spidey backpacks at different Puis. So watch out for special toolboxes because that’s where you’ll find them.

Chainsaw Weapon

In the background of season 3 epic games is crafting up some insane weapons. Soon we’ll get our hands on the chainsaw launcher. This thing looks like it’ll be terrifying to go up against zero builds. But I’m even more worried about walls and regular modes. I mean think of the carnage now we don’t know how we’ll see the chainsaw launcher.

Darth Vader Mythic

I cannot wait to try this thing out and the same can be said for the Darth Vader mythic. Okay, anyone was surprised. When the worst kept secret in Fortnite history was spotted. Everyone was pretty sad when we landed in-game and it was nowhere in sight. But it turns out this is actually an upcoming mythic weapon with a unique throwing ability. It was safe to assume the Vader boss would be on the map. Already but for some reason he’ll appear in a future update instead. in two weeks something that blew the pants off everyone this week was. When we landed on the new map and found one of the darkest secrets of chapter 3.


Near logjam has a skeleton belonging to a clown boat. I joked about this but it’s over I’ve done click-baiting. okay not but even though this is horrifying we actually have some good news. The klombo is going to come back and we’ll have some new changes. The updated klombo will drop a special version of meat. And 15 different types of loot but the skeleton isn’t the last we’ll see. Because when combos return they’ll no longer be immortal. But the best part is if you don’t shoot these adorable little guys. You’ll be rewarded with dance I cannot wait to see them again.

Juice Wrld Collab

It’s not the only news getting everyone excited. Because last year juice world’s manager mentioned. That he was meeting with epic games to talk about a potential Fortnite concert. Well, fast forward to season 3 and he has re-tweeted a post from Fortnite. That says almost time to start the party some people have pointed out. That the upcoming juice world album is actually called the party never ends. And it could be a coincidence but not yesterday a juice roll fan account posted that. A Fortnite collab might be around the corner and bibi actually replied to the post with a fire emoji. So it is looking very likely that we should expect a juice concert in chapter 3.

New Charge SMG

If you’re not convinced it’s still not as divisive as this season’s blue pool half the community love. The new ar shotgun a sniper but the other half aren’t exactly impressed. Luckily season 3 will be adding a new SMG in a couple of weeks. It’s called the charge and these are all the stats the real question is what will it replace the stinger or the combat SMG.

Junk Rift

We’ll have to wait and see but that combat please and it looks like it’s not the only new item that’ll shake-up. The Fortnite meta is something that went completely unnoticed. The season 3 trailer is a cameo from the junk rift. You can spot it for a few seconds confirming. Its return the only change is that it won’t drop police cars anymore for obvious reasons. Other than that it’s coming back the way you remembered it. If you think a new SMG sounds terrifying. Fortnite is also going to be releasing a brand new shotgun this season.

Overload Shotgun

Depending on how you feel about the two-shot. You might be able to hear about the overload shotgun and the damage sounds insane. This thing does 110 damage per shot  so it’ll be around for a week until all the pro players start crying.

Saddler Item

Something that has a lot of people confused is an upcoming patch that will add the Sadler item despite season 3. Giving us ridable wolves and boars epic still plans to bring this to the game the description is aim fire and ride. My theory is that it’ll be used to ride larger animals in the future even klombo.


That’s not the only thing we’ll be in control of because tilted towers are being rebuilt. You noticed some of the buildings are completely missing. These won’t actually return because instead, the community will decide. What goes here a contest will soon be going live letting you design your own tilted building and create a mode. you’ll have to submit it by next week and the winner will make it into the game afterward. I am so excited to see what people come up with so let me know.

New Consumables

What do you plan on building an even bigger mystery hiding in the Fortnite game files? It involves three new consumables arriving this season. Yeah, we’ll be getting bacon honey and then something called jolly rascal. It’s gonna create smoke and even damage us. So we’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this something that sounds a little less deadly is an upcoming collaboration with inner sloth.

Henry Stickman

After Fortnite got off to a rocky start with the developers among us they agreed to collapse and are starting with their original game henry stickman. This was a successful series before among us came along. And in fleeing the complex you could pick an option called distract. If you choose it henry does this dance this became a gigantic meme. So it makes sense it’ll be released as an emote in season 3. This is the first of many upcoming crossovers with inner sloth. But you know what happened to the among us skins.

Huge Creative Update

If you’re a regular creative mode builder and want to get started you’ll be happy to hear about one of the biggest updates in so long right now. If you try to make a game you’ll have to learn how to use channels and devices it’s pretty overwhelming. But soon season 3 will bring a huge overhaul to this system this will make it 10 times easier to understand. So I guess I’m gonna have to make a t5g creative team after all.


For those of us who are more focused on battle royale. We are taking any hints we can for the future of season 3 thanks to files found by leakers. It turns out there’s an upcoming skin coming later in the season codenamed mitosis. It’s gonna be an NPC on the map too so that’s a pretty good indicator. There’ll be an important character even the villain.

5 Patches Ahead

If you’re wondering what kind of time frame we’re looking at for some of these updates. Epic Games has planned 5 big fetches for the rest of season 3. The gaps between each update will be filled with challenges and new items per week. Here’s hoping that we get another summer event.

Leaked Bonus Styles

If you found yourself exploring this season’s battle pass and wondering what the secret bonus styles will look like. Well, we’ve got our first glimpse of what’s to come we’ll be able to equip an editing style for Eevee with a blue design. While a deer will get a futuristic face mask and this looks so awesome. As for the other battle fast skins though that remains a mystery for now. But what we’re still waiting for is some important changes to the way that reboot vans work.

Deployable Reboot

While season 3 has made the map feel super fresh again sometimes. The new biome was ruined by these random reboot vans taking up so much space and well luckily epic is coming up with a solution that will let us reboot our teammates from anywhere. You gotta admit season 3 could be the perfect time to introduce this new mechanic.

Siphon Returning

So while we wait for that epic is working on the new version of siphon and it’s confirmed to be arriving in a couple of weeks. If you consider yourself a pro at zero builds. You’d be happy to hear that Fortnite will soon be adding overshield siphon. Yes, it’ll recharge our 50 overshield immediately after getting an elimination. It’s not out right now but it should be released in an upcoming update. Either in zero build or its tournaments.

Hand Cannon 2.0

For those of us who do like to play with builds. You might want to brace yourself a new gun is on the horizon and it sounds like a builder’s worst nightmare. Season 3 is giving us a super-powerful pistol that does 400 damage to builds. It is the hand cannon 2.0 and that’s not the only OG feature coming back to Fortnite this season.

Battle Stars

Back in chapter 1, we used to analyze every single loading screen each week to find the secret battle star. If you went to the location in the image you would actually get a free tier on your battle pass. And people love this and yet once chapter 2 was released the feature didn’t last long. It’s been years since. We all missed the secret battle stars it looks like they could actually make a return in season 3. if we’ll get weekly loading screens too. I miss him so much while this season has given us Darth Vader and even Indiana Jones. There’s still one huge crossover missing.

Family Guy

Family guy, it’s been leaked so much over the last few years and the anticipation is like killing me at this point. I want to know if we’re gonna get peter griffin and Fortnite. considering the family guy folder was right next to Jones and Vader.

Spiderman Zero

Season 3 might be our best chance yet for a crossover confirmed to be happening within days. We are getting a brand new spider-man skin at Fortnite. The marvel zero war comic is imminent and for those who actually buy it. You’ll get a unique code with each issue giving you free Fortnite cosmetics. One of the issues will include a code for spider-man zero and for those who don’t buy the comics. It’ll arrive in the item shop a few months from now.

Upcoming PS Plus Skin

But there’s an even more exclusive skin making its way into season 3. It’ll release before the end of June in the PlayStation blog post about Fortnite. New-season you can scroll all the way to the bottom to find a hidden announcement about the next PlayStation plus skin. This will include this kid named the blizzard bomber. According to PlayStation, she’ll be out in the coming weeks. I gotta say it’s a little weird the release to get snow skin in the middle of summer. But hey this is Fortnite and I guess nothing ever makes sense and that’s every league Fortnite update. That we know about the hope you guys enjoyed.

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