Minecraft Dye Armor: How to Paint Armor in Minecraft? (6 Simple Steps)

Tutorial teaches you how to dye your leather clothes with any color in the game

How to Paint Armor in Minecraft?

Minecraft is Mojang’s most successful game. Available for PC, Nintendo Wii U, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Android, and iPhone ( iOS ), the game allows you to dye clothes and customize every detail of the scenario and characters. Check out the full tutorial and learn how to paint armor in Minecraft and how to dye leather armor.

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Step 1. Before dyeing your clothes, you need to have dyes in your inventory. To produce the inks, it is essential to position both a Workbench and a Furnace, the tools for making the dyes;

Step 2. Interact with the Workbench to open the authoring center. In the grid, you can enter the items that will be combined to generate a new object, which will appear in the square on the right. Items can be positioned in any position on the grid without prejudice to the final result;

Step 3. To create the simple dyes, follow the recipes:

Rose red: just place a rose on the grid;
Dandelion Yellow: place a Flower on the grid;
Lapis Lazuli: Mined from Lapis Lazuli ore.
Cactus Green: Take a cactus from the desert, and combine it with charcoal in the Furnace;
Ink Pouch: Can be obtained by defeating squid;
Bone Meal: extracted from skeletons;
Cocoa Seed: explore the dungeons and trees in the forests;

Step 4. To create secondary colors, simply combine on the Workbench two dyes created in Step 3, according to the following recipes:

Orange: combine Rose Red with Dandelion Yellow;
Cyan: Cactus Green with Lapis Lazuli;
Lilac: Red Rose with Lapis Lazuli.
Gray: Bone Meal with Paint Bag;
Light Blue: Lapis Lazuli with Bone Flour;
Pink: Bone Meal with Pink Red;
Lemon Green: Bone Meal with Green Cactus;

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Step 5. Finally, there are only two tertiary color recipes obtainable: to create the Magenta Dye, combine the Lilac and Pink Dyes. To form the Light Gray Dye, combine Gray Paint and Bones on the Workbench;

Step 6. With your favorite dye and armor you want to dye in hand, just access the Workbench again and enter both the armor part you want to dye and the Dye that will color it into the crafting grid, then pick up the new item. in the square on the right.

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