Minecraft 1.19 Wild Update: Minecraft 1.19 Unknown Secret Things

Number 1

If you help an axolotl kill the mob that it’s fighting, it actually has the power 3. to clear any mining fatigue effect you may have had inflicted onto you. Not only that, but it will also give you regeneration based on the number of axolotls around, granting you the achievement, the healing power of friendship. Definitely, a good friend to keep around next time you’re raiding an ocean monument instead of carrying buckets and buckets of milk.

Number 2

If you aren’t familiar with the warden’s old designs then you’re definitely in for a treat. Around 4 months ago Mojang released a ton of images showcasing old concepts for the warden. There are designs of withers, respawn anchors and some pretty disturbing ideas. So I recommend checking them out afterward, link in the description.

Number 3

Speaking of disturbing, disc 5 is the newest creepy disc on the block but the community has already figured out a bunch of the hidden sounds in its melodic mystery. You’ve got skulk shriekers, wardens, amethyst clusters breaking, and even a few sounds sampled from Minecraft dungeons like the endorsement and the vengeful heart of ender. Definitely gonna make for a cool story once someone puts all the pieces together.

Number 4

In the same vein as number 2, get it, skulk vein? Ok sorry. There were also a ton of prototyped designs for the skulk that look completely out of this world. I mean imagine walking into a cave and seeing this trypophobia-inducing mess sprawling across the walls. The skulk also used to be called the hollow before it was changed into what it is now.

Number 5

The souls in the warden’s chests, and yes they were confirmed to be souls which is awesome, act as a heart and actually beat faster when the warden is suspicious of a nearby mob. Because the warden hunts on a sense of smell and hearing, it becomes more suspicious whenever it detects noise from a certain entity many times. Depending on how fast these hearts and souls pulse you can figure out how much danger you’re in.

Number 6

This update gave us a ton of new achievements you might not know about. These include you’ve got a friend in me when an allay gives you an item; sneak 100 when you crouch next to a warden or skulk sensor; bukkit bukkit but when you catch a tadpole in a bucket; and when the squad hops into town when you get all the different types of frogs on a lead. That one is a personal favorite of mine.

Number 7

Skulk sensors give off a different signal strength based on the type of sound they’re detecting. There are 15 different amplitudes, each with a different group of sounds associated with them. For example, walking gives strength of 1, and picking up powdered snow gives a signal strength of 13. You can use this property to set up sensors that only detect a specific sound using this design developed by mysticat. Perfect for a secret base that only you know how to open.

Number 8

Using this design of blocks and stairs you can manipulate the way that skulks charge spreads, allowing you to funnel all the skulk growth into a specific area of your choosing. There are many different circuits you can make this way and if you want to learn more I’ve left a link to Ilmango’s video in the description.

Number 9

A little bit ago I mentioned a couple of new achievements, but there are actually two more legendary achievements that are hidden until you unlock them. If you have an allay drop a cake by a note block you can get the new birthday song achievement. And if you get one of every different frog-light color in your inventory at once you get the new achievement “with our powers combined”.

Number 10

On the topic of frog-lights, if you’ve never heard of them then you’re definitely in for a treat. If the new frog mob happens to eat a magma cube, it will spit out a frog light. The color of the light depends on the type of frog. Purple from white frogs, green from green frogs, and yellow from orange frogs.

Number 11

Speaking of new mechanics, whenever a goat rams into a quote-unquote hard block, like a tree or an ore, it will drop a goat horn. You can also find them dotted around in pillager outpost chests which definitely explains the war call in raids. There are 8 different types of goat horns but my favorite has to be called. [Goat horn plays] I mean listen to it.

Number 12

I already talked a bit about the origin of the warden but here’s another trivia fact that goes even deeper. Pun intended. The original concept for the warden was actually meant for the 1.16 nether update as a type of blind piglin that could only respond to sound. This is what it looked like in its early prototype phase but this idea was postponed as they ran out of time.

Number 13

Despite many statements that the warden was meant to be blind, spectating its POV using spectator mode reveals it can see fine.

Number 14

The campsite structure in the ancient city actually has a hidden campfire underneath all the layers of wool. But the greater mystery is where did all that wool come from in the first place. These campsites parallel the wool room in woodland mansions, leading to some very interesting speculation about the villagers and the ancient cities.

Number 15

The new darkness effect is brutal, especially since in this update you can no longer give yourself. Fulbright by changing your gamma level above the greatest value in the options file. And if you didn’t even know you could do that, well now you do. But there are two ways to decrease the harmful effects of this debuff. There’s actually an accessibility slider that can cut the impact of this effect, and putting on night vision makes things much more manageable.

Number 16

The warden is summoned by activating a shrieker but the shriekers do give you 3 chances and only summon this beast on the fourth strike. And in case you’ve forgotten what stage you were on, there are actually subtitles and sounds associated with each state of advancement. Warden’s approach is for one strike and sounds like this. Warden advances in two strikes and sounds like this. And if you see the warden draws close or hear this noise, then you better be careful because one more slip up and he’ll be right there.

Number 17

Speaking of the warden, some of the old names for this beast were the stalker and the hollowed, but in a recent episode of secrets of the warden, it was revealed that his real, canonical name is in fact, William. Making this monster a bit less intimidating to come across.

Number 18

Many people seem to believe that reinforced deep slate, the block found in the frame of this giant city center statue, is unbreakable but that’s not the case at all. Despite it taking a long 82.5 seconds to break, making it the longest to mine block in the game, it is breakable. Although you don’t get anything out of doing it so there’s no point.

Number 19

On the topic of reinforced deep slate, a huge conspiracy is that this structure is a portal to another dimension. I mean it’s made out of an almost unbreakable block, it has a rectangular frame and it only appears in set locations. Seems pretty like some other structures out there. And this conspiracy was only furthered by this mini structure right here, which was name small_portal_statue. But, in the recent snapshots, the devs altered the name to be small_statue, squashing out almost all hope of a new dimension. But who knows, in 1.20 we’ll finally get that aether.

Number 20

Other structures in the ancient city also have some very interesting names. You’ve got barracks, the only structure in the game with a spawning skeleton skull, and this structure with two pools. Can you guess what it’s called? No? Well, it’s called the sauna. The builders of these cities were lounging down here; they had saunas and everything.

Number 21

If you place the new mud block over a piece of dripstone and let the water trickle out, it’ll convert that mud into a block of clay, allowing you to have a renewable clay source for all your cottagecore desires. Although I gotta say the mud bricks are a strong contender themselves.

Number 22

And if you want an easy way to get all that mud, all you have to do is to splash a potion of water onto a block of dirt, and boom. Finally, give these splash water bottles real use. Now we wait for the thick potion.

Number 23

If you’re ever roaming around in the deep dark and want to stay hidden, pay attention cause this tip might save your life. Wool is a super important block in the deep dark because it muffles up your footsteps. If you walk on wool, the skulk sensors won’t be able to hear you and the warden will be none the wiser. That’s why the entire ancient city is covered in carpets. Not only that though, but wool blocks can also be used to block signals from sensors from reaching other sensors and shriekers, making them perfect for disarming the deep dark. But, something super important to watch out for is that the skulk sensor can still detect you placing wool around them. Meaning that to stay safe, it’s better to stay away.

Number 24

Apart from all the warden concept art, there are a large number of features that didn’t make the cut for this update. A revamp of the birch forest was teased through concept art but was scrapped from 1.19. Likewise, fireflies, these two-pixel masterpieces, were removed because in real life they’re poisonous to frogs. Although there has been a lot of backlash to this decision so let me know what you think in the comments.

Number 25

Another one of the more controversial decisions was the lack of incentive to head to the deep dark. A bunch of people was complaining that the warden wasn’t worth visiting, 5 seeing as it used to drop nothing and it was almost impossible to kill. The devs responded by saying that it wasn’t meant to be killed and it was a force of nature but conceded and added a singular skulk catalyst as the drop for this beast. Although they did mention that this was more for the story and they still thought it shouldn’t be killed.

Number 26

And as if there was still a debate on whether to kill this thing, Mojang took extra steps to make sure the warden is one of the most difficult mobs to kill. Over the course of the snapshots, they made this guy immune to lava, gave him an advanced pathfinding AI, and even added a sonic boom that does up to 15 hearts of damage. Not only that, it completely bypasses shields and armor. I mean come on Mojang we get it, don’t kill the warden, do not kill the warden.

Number 27

Players aren’t the only thing staying away from the warden though. In the deep dark biome, no mobs can spawn. So if you don’t mind sharing a room with the warden, you might want to live down here if you can’t bear the mobs.

Number 28

One of the weirdest conspiracy theories to come out of this update is that the warden and the axolotl are one and the same. It all started when this secret message appeared in the Minecraft launcher a year ago, translating to the axolotls are not what they seem. Then Mojang released a bunch of the concept art for the warden and axolotl and some very suspicious pictures of the two of them together. Not only that, if you invert the colors of the warden you get something like the pink colors of the axolotl. It’s a bit of a stretch but you tell me in the comments what you think about this theory.

Number 29

Speaking of design decisions, the design of the spooky skulk shrieker is modeled. After the human larynx: the part of your body responsible for making noises. Not only that though, but the model for the skulk shrieker is also actually different. If you place it by hand versus if it spawns. The souls in the man-made one swirl way slower and are fainter. This is to distinguish the two because placed skulk shriekers actually can’t summon the warden as regular ones can.

Number 30

The noises made by the skulk catalyst are actually made by the sound effects used by bone blocks. This means that this material is not endstone like some people suspected, but in fact bones. This was also confirmed over on Twitter by developer Kingbdogz.

Number 31

Speaking of the catalyst, it has this incredible property that allows it to convert mob death and XP to skulk charge and skulk growth. But, something interesting about this mechanic is that there’s one mob completely unaffected by it. The ender dragon. For whatever reason, the skulk catalyst does not spread any skulk when the dragon dies. The devs even mentioned that the dragon’s death is special, and they have a different plan for it. Makes you wonder what that entails.

Number 32

While this fact isn’t the most secret one of the bunch if you haven’t explored much of the new update you’re definitely in for a treat now. Underneath the giant statue of the warden at the center of the ancient city, you’ll find a hidden Redstone laboratory. This lab is packed with different types of Redstone experiments and is even powered by a skulk-activated piston door. Not only that, the lights outside of the lab have secret waterlogged skulk sensors inside them, making them turn on whenever a player comes close.

Number 33

There are a few secret changes to saplings you might not have noticed. Regular saplings can now be placed on both mud and muddy roots while propagules take it a step further and can even be grown underwater. Perfect for starting your own submerged city now that leaves can be waterlogging. But if you stayed this far, he’s a bonus fact for you. If a goat rams a wall it actually loses one of the horns on its model. Makes you feel kind of bad for getting the horn but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do for that call signal.

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