Lego Marvel Avengers Cheat Codes – Updated 2020 Complete List

Lego Marvel Avengers Cheat Codes


In case you’re after Lego Marvel Avengers cheat codes, you’ve gone to the correct spot. Wonder Avengers centers around the nominal wrongdoing battling superteam, driving players through various notorious areas from a modest bunch of Phase Two Marvel motion pictures. It’s your typical LEGO block busting undertaking, with the greater part of your time spent crushing up the climate and gathering studs. As is additionally convention with a LEGO game, LEGO Marvel Avengers permits you to go through cheats to zest your game time. You’ll have to understand what they are first, notwithstanding, so we’ve been occupied with assembling this LEGO Marvel Avengers Cheats Guide. We’ll list all known LEGO Marvel Avengers Cheats so you can open all the LEGO Avengers characters, and furthermore investigate the different stud opens.

lego marvel avengers cheat codes
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How to Enter Cheats in LEGO Marvel Avengers

Much like in other LEGO games, there are several distinct ways you can enter cheats in LEGO Marvel Avengers. The first is to make a beeline for the Cheats terminal in the center world. This will permit you to investigate the cheats accessible, and input codes. The simpler method to enter cheats in the Extras menu. You can do this whenever in the game.

Lego Marvel Avengers Cheat Codes – Character Unlock Codes

Our first set of cheat codes we’re going to take a look at are LEGO Marvel Avengers Character Unlock Cheats. Enter these to get your hands on the characters listed below.

  • A-Bomb – 2K8QCG
  • Amadeus Cho – 3ZDB2W
  • Bengal -8HG9HC
  • Butter Ball – MJNFAJ
  • Chase – 93NNGB
  • Cottonmouth – BTS8M6
  • Count Nefaria – ZNCK2S
  • Diamondback – UNECSY
  • Fast Build [Red Block] – 5MZ73E
  • Finesse WU9YBF
  • Firebird RABVV7
  • Mantis – M562MB
  • Minikit Detector [Red Block] – JYJAFX
  • Quasar – N4YANB
  • Quinjet (Mini) [Vehicle] – 9KFJ7A
  • Silver Centurion (mark 33) – 4AKZ4G
  • Skaar – MFUPE7
  • Speed – K66TQP
  • Striker – XP9QX9
  • Swordsman – R9CWTF
  • Thunderstrike – JWRGP4
  • Tigra – D4RREH
  • Veil – A7BRT4

Lego Marvel Avengers Cheat Codes – Stud Unlock Cheats

    • Minikit Detector – Code: JYJAFX
    • Fast Build – Code: 5MZ73E

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