List of All Lego Batman 2 Cheat Codes – Updated 2020

Lego Batman 2 Cheat Codes

In the event that you’re comfortable with the LEGO establishment of games, at that point you realize that mystery codes are valuable when you would prefer not to sit tight for an advantage.

For those new to the LEGO universe, from the Pause menu, investigate the “Additional items” menu. Beside indicating you what advantages and rewards are accessible to you, this menu additionally permits codes to be entered. What do these codes do? All things considered, they open little advantages like characters, red blocks, and vehicles. The first run through a code has been input accurately, the name of the advantage will show up on-screen, telling you it was right.

lego batman 2 cheat codes
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Lego Batman 2 Cheat Codes

Pause the game, select the “Extras” option, and choose the “Enter Code” selection. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Effect Code
Attract Studs MNZER6
Beep Beep ZHAXFH
Character Studs TPJ37T
Clown Goon 9ZZZBP
Disguises BWQ2MS
Extra Hearts 4LGJ7T
Extra Toggle 7TXH5K
Fall Rescue TPGPG2
Gold Brick Finder MBXW7V
Harley Quinn’s Motorbike C79LVH
Lexbot W49CSJ
Mime Goon ZQA8MK
Minikit Piece Finder LRJAG8
Peril Finder RYD3SJ
Policeman V9SAGT
Red Brick Finder 5KKQ6G
Regenerate Hearts ZXEX5D
Riddler Goon Q285LK
Studs x2 74EZUT
Super Build JN2J6V
Two-Face Goon 95KPYJ
Vine Grapples JXN7FJ

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