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Legends of Runeterra: Open Beta – Rivershaper Fiora deck List Guide

In the event that you’ve landed at this deck considering what it’s everything about, well, set forth plainly, it’s everything about buffing up a solitary objective (Rivershaper or other) while controlling the board with spells until you overpower them, or fumes their assets.

Before we make a plunge, we wouldn’t prescribe this deck for those simply beginning in Legends of Runeterra. It’s one of those decks which requires cautious thought on each turn, as you’ll have to weigh up the effect of the spells you’re utilizing, the spell mana you’re consuming, and if your foe has any potential counters. Regardless of being hard to play, it’s incredible enjoyment on the off chance that you can make it work.

Underneath we’ll take you through the deck, and give some methodology guidance to assist you with benefiting from it.

General Strategy

The manner in which your game will work out is profoundly reliant on the units you’ll draw early, yet as you play the deck more, you’ll rapidly figure out how to distinguish which win condition course you’re going down, and how to arrive. It will require some head scratching, yet hit the nail on the head and you’ll have a whale of a period.

Early game: You don’t have any 1 or 2 mana units, so hope to take some harm at an early stage. Absorb it and spotlight on playing out a 3 mana unit like Fiora, Rivershaper, or a Shadow Assassin in the event that you have to draw. On the off chance that conceivable, spare your mana at whatever point you can, yet relying upon the unit you’ve played out, don’t be hesitant to spare them to keep some type of board nearness.

Independent is a perfect early play to buff your solitary unit (particularly great on Fiora) and can assist you with recapturing some weight after an early beating. Be careful about utilizing your Deny as you’ll need to spare this for single objective murder spells, or load up clear combos, yet the periodic early forswearing can be your pass to sloping up far quicker than the foe anticipates.

Basically, you’ll need to settle on one of three choices early: Keep Fiora buffed up and murdering units, buff your Elusive Kinkou Lifeblade to sneak through harm and lifesteal, or buff your Rivershaper to clear the board and draw spells.

Mid game: Once you’ve come to the midgame, you’ll should be exceptionally cautious with the spell mana you’re using. Attempt your best to keep it beat up to boost your spell utilization, as you’ll have to do a great deal of determined blocking and assaulting. Now and then you’ll have to give the rival hit you access request to spare your unit and counterattack next round, provided that this is true, allowed it to occur, and plan your best course of action astutely.

Laurent Bladekeeper is a pleasant, simple buff who’ll go about as a helpful blocker. Soul’s Refuge, Riposte and Single Combat will be fundamental to keep your modest number of units alive and can assist you with exchanging monetarily. In the event that conceivable, utilize Spirit’s Refuge or Riposte before a Single Combat to boost your play.

As things progress, continue hoping to Stand Alone whenever the situation allows and utilize any semblance of Twin Disciplines to keep units solid. Will of Ionia can help slow down if the foe’s load up turns into somewhat frightening, and whenever planned right, can assist you with countering viably.

Intensified Valor on a buffed unit like Fiora can truly swing things in support of you and power your adversary into tossing out a major spell. Ideally, you need to case this when you’re sure they can’t play any slaughter spells. To be absolutely protected, guarantee you have a Deny (and enough mana to cast this), and consider what they may have close by.

Late game: If you’ve arrived at this point, ideally you’ll have a Deny or two still close by. Utilize these to dissipate any final desperate attempts from your foe. On the off chance that you have a buffed up unit, utilize Redoubled Valor to quicken the success condition. On the off chance that the adversary’s dropped a bucketload of torment on the board, obstructing with your buffed unit and utilizing Judgment can be a distinct advantage.

How about we not overlook Karma. Play her out once you’ve arrived at 10 mana and you’ll get much more incentive off spells. Wellbeing Potion while she’s out on the board will give your Nexus a beautiful 6 wellbeing top up for the low, ease of 1 mana! Obviously, all your different hindrances and buffs will profit as well.

Rivershaper Fiora Mulligan guide

These are the cards you’ll need to make the most ideal beginning with Rivershaper Fiora:

  • 1. Ensuring a Rivershaper can be critical to drawing more spells from the get-go.
  • 2. Drop a Stand Alone on your solitary Rivershaper (or other unit) is truly imperative.
  • 3. Detect a Fiora, keep her close by. Her success condition combined with the spells you’ll draw can net you a shockingly brisk success if things work out in a good way. Also, it’ll power your adversary into managing her or face an impending misfortune.
  • 4. On the off chance that you’ve not gotten a Rivershaper or Fiora, try to keep a Shadow Assassin close by as having a unit on the board when you’ve hit 3 mana is critical to endurance. She’ll likewise enable you to draw, which could demonstrate extremely helpful!

Rivershaper Fiora tips, combos and synergies

– Be mindful that in the event that you’ve picked the super buffed Rivershaper, you won’t have the option to Overwhelm the adversary for enormous face harm. Considering this, ensure you’re playing out cronies or sparing Judgment to square or clear a robust adversary offense.

– If you have an Enlightened Karma close by and you’re playing out spells, ensure you’re not overdrawing – you would prefer not to be consuming significant cards!

– Spirit’s Refuge on a burly unit can give you a truly necessary wellbeing top up if things are looking somewhat shaggy.

– We must pressure this as much as possible – ensure you spare spell mana when you can. Along these lines you’ll give yourself a lot of hostile or cautious alternatives on your go to keep the weight on, or play out an unexpected counter to lose your rival.

– Will of Ionia can be a splendid slow down spell if the foe has played out an especially buffed up unit, or you essentially need to endure one increasingly round to counter with an ideal card combo.

– Know when to take harm. Here and there you’ll have to let the foe hit face to spare mana or keep your units alive.

– Play Judgment with an Enlightened Karma and you’ll pull off an amazing clear.

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