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League of Legends: Riot Games Considers Stopping Adding New Champions

Despite the announcement, it is expected that this will not happen anytime soon in the MOBA, which already has 161 champions; understand the case

Riot Games Considers Stopping Adding New Champions

League of Legends developers is considering ending the release of new champions for the MOBA in the future. That’s what Riot Games Balance Lead Matt “Phroxzon” Leung-Harrison said for the Broken by Concept podcast on Monday (1). During the interview, Phroxzon explained that the decision will be made at a time. When the company is no longer able to release champions that are intuitive for players. There is also a concern about making the MOBA’s learning curve even higher. With the arrival of characters that are difficult to understand.
League of Legends Champions 
Currently, League of Legends has 161 champions and the last release is the champion Nilah, available since July 14, 2022. The game is also known for increasing its range of characters, having already added four this year alone. Although developers are already discussing the end of new releases. It is worth mentioning that this is still far from happening.
League of Legends Riot Games Considers Stopping Adding New Champions
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Phroxzon reinforced his point about intuitive champions using two examples. For starters, he chose Thresh as an intuitive champion and cited his most characteristic ability, Sentence (Q). In short, the skill makes Thresh throw a grappling hook that captures the target and pulls it close, which is pretty intuitive. Phroxzon also mentioned that if the hook was thrown and simply went through. With all the opponents in front of it, the skill would no longer be intuitive, as players would have a hard time understanding what it was about.
The second example was Gwen, a much more recent champion than Thresh, released in April 2021. According to Phroxzon, the Enchanted Seamstress is a problem for new players. Who has difficulty visualizing and understanding the Holy Mist (W) skill. . In short, it’s a champion that ends up not being as intuitive as Thresh, according to the developer himself.

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Despite everything, Riot Games remains firm in releasing more champions for League of Legends. Developer Ryan Mireles has already stated that players may become less involved with the game. After learning how all champions work with new releases. There’s all the more reason for everyone to learn more, making Riot Games themselves even more eager to add more champions on a regular basis, a cycle that should continue that way for quite some time.

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