How to Tame Dolphins in Minecraft

Here’s how to train dolphins in Minecraft so you can swim more quickly and search the sea for treasure. In the game Minecraft, dolphin taming is a popular goal. With the introduction of the Dolphins in the game’s Aquatic Update in the middle of 2018, the aquatic animals gradually obtained usable advantages. Although dolphins cannot be entirely domesticated like wolves or cats, they can act like they have been trained if given some fish to eat. See how to tame dolphins in Minecraft for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Android, iPhone (iOS), and PC in the tutorial below.

With the exception of icy biomes, dolphins can be found in every biome with an ocean. Creatures don’t harm the player and even help them by giving them increased swimming speed (double tapping in one direction, such as running).

Animals can also reveal the location of buried treasures in underwater ruins or sunken ships. To do this, simply feed them raw fish or salmon. They sprint into one of these buildings to the nearest chest.

How to tame Dolphins in Minecraft

Step 1. Specifically, catch some fish raw cod and salmon;

How to Tame Dolphins in Minecraft

Step 2. Locate an ocean biome where dolphins should be present;

Step 3. To feed the dolphin, choose the raw salmon or raw cod and press the interaction button;

How to Tame Dolphins in Minecraft

Step 4. Follow him to the location he points out to look for underwater ruins or sunken ships containing chests;

Step 5. A dolphin can also be dragged out of the sea with a lasso, although it will sustain damage while doing so.

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