How to See Coordinates in Minecraft Xbox

How to See Coordinates in Minecraft Xbox

Minecraft has a huge world of blocks to explore, and one of the mechanics that make the player’s journey easier is the coordinate system. These simple numbers, which indicate the user’s X, Y and Z, can mark any location in the game’s universe. With a few creative ideas, they should help accomplish many useful tasks. Check out, in the following guide, how to see the coordinates in minecraft xbox and what are their different uses in Minecraft, available for Xbox One , PlayStation 4 ( PS4 ), Nintendo Switch , PC and in mobile version for Android and iPhone ( iOS ).

To understand how coordinates work in Minecraft and how to see coordinates in minecraft xbox , just imagine that there is a numerical value for each of the directions in which the player moves. When moving left or right, the X coordinate increases or decreases. Likewise, when walking forwards or backwards, this happens with the Z coordinate.

The Y coordinate, in turn, marks the height at which you are. So the more you dig and bury yourself in caves, for example, the lower your Y, and the higher you build your buildings and towers, the higher your Y.

How to Activate Coordinates in Minecraft

Turning on coordinates is an extremely easy task in Minecraft. Just pause the game, enter the “Options” menu, and in the “Game” section, turn on the little switch that says “Show coordinates”. They will be shown in the upper left corner of the screen, always in “X, Y, Z” order, and will indicate your character’s current position.

Annotate Base Coordinates

How to See Coordinates in Minecraft Xbox

Writing down coordinates of points of interest can be a great way to guide yourself through the world of Minecraft. When you build a base, write down the coordinates of its location somewhere, so you can easily find it again after dying or venturing too far. This is an easy way to find yourself before building a Compass.

Where to mine Diamonds in Minecraft

How to See Coordinates in Minecraft Xbox
Where to mine Diamonds in Minecraft

A well-known fact about Minecraft is that Diamonds are found at high depths in the game. The best point for this, according to tips from the game itself, is in the Y: 12 coordinate and in its surroundings. The only problem is that, at this coordinate, there is a lot of Lava, so it’s worth taking Buckets of Water to turn the dangerous blocks into Obsidian and avoid losing your Diamonds and items.

Spy in Creative Mode

A very useful trick for players who want to get to know their own world better in Survival mode in Minecraft is to create a copy of it in Creative mode. In this way, it is possible to easily visit distant lands or investigate the underground in depth, just to note the coordinates of the most interesting points on the map. Then take that knowledge back to your world in Survival mode and explore a lot.

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