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How to Play Vi LoL (Builds and Counters Tips)

How to Play Vi LoL

Vi, from League of Legends, is a champion and success in the game of Riot Games. The heroine is also the protagonist of Arcane, a Netflix series based on the universe of the popular MOBA. Vi is one of the most beloved champions of League of Legends fans . The Defender of Piltover uses gigantic gauntlets as weapons, and thanks to her strength, she manages to accomplish the game’s objectives without difficulty. In addition to the success in the game, the character is also the protagonist of Arcane , a Netflix series based on the MOBA universe by Riot Games .

We gathered all the skills, examples of builds, runes, spells, counters and tips on how to play Vi LoL with the heroine Vi, from League of Legends . It is worth mentioning that this guide was based on the LOL patch 11.20.

Vi’s Abilities

Shielding (Passive)

Defender of Piltover carries a shield that activates when hitting an enemy using one of her abilities.

Vault Breaker (Q)

After channeling for a while, the champion delivers a powerful punch in the desired direction. Opponents hit by the skill are knocked back and marked with a stack of True Slam (W).

Sure Hit (W)

Vaultbreaker (Q) and basic attacks mark targets. Upon consuming three marks, Vi lands a Sure Hit (W), allowing her to break through her opponent’s armor, deal bonus damage, and gain Bonus Attack Speed.

Excessive Force (E)

Passive: Regularly stores up to two charges of Excessive Strength;
Active: Vi’s next attack gains a bonus to its range and passes through the target, damaging opponents behind it;

Loot and Dunk (R)

Vi goes after the opponent. While the skill is activated, any other enemies in the champion’s path are pushed aside. When it reaches the target, the character throws it into the air, leaps after it, and strikes it.

Order of Vi’s Abilities

Currently, the most popular sequence among champion players is W+E+Q. However, as the game progresses, it is recommended to maximize Vault Breaker (Q), Excessive Force (E) in second and, finally, Sure Hit (W). Note, in the table below, what the order of skills would look like during the game:

Skill order | Saw

1 two 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Vault breaker Q Q Q Q Q
Hit Hit W W W W W
excessive force AND AND AND AND AND
Loot and Dunk R R R

Vi Runes and Spells

Regarding spells, the most used combination is the flash accompanying the smite. As for runes, there are two popular choices among players: Rain of Blades and Conqueror, with the former being the most well-known. However, it is worth mentioning that, despite the examples in the images below, each game requires a different strategy, that is, it is normal to change the runes according to the situation.

Blade Rain

Blade Rain is the most popular choice among champion players. In this example, Defender of Piltover is able to quickly auto-attack, deal extra damage, and run fast. In the primary skill tree, “Sudden Impact”, “Eyeballs” and “Relentless Hunt” are used. In the secondary, the choices are “Triumph” and “Legend: Spontaneity”.


Despite being less popular than its predecessor, this combo is also a safe choice for the champion. In this example, Vi gains sustain during the fight, attack speed, and deals more damage to low health opponents. In the primary skill tree, “Triumph”, “Legend: Spontaneity” and “Mercy Blow” are used. In the second, the choices are “Sudden Impact” and “Vavorous Hunt”.

Examples of builds

Currently, the most popular item for the champion is “Divine Ruptor”, which offers attack damage, health, skill haste, and an additional 5% armor penetration, as well as 5% magic penetration per legendary item. Regarding the boots, depending on the game it is possible to buy “Galvanized Steel Boots”, “Mercury Steps” or “Ionian Boots of Lucidity”.

It is important to remember that the match situation impacts how you will buy your items, that is, the build is not final. Each game brings a different experience, which asks players for flexibility regarding strategies, runes, shop purchases, and spells. Here are sample builds for Defender of Piltover:

Mythical and essential items

How to Play Vi LoL

Final and situational build example

How to Play Vi LoL

How to Play Vi LoL Tips

  • Vi is a strong champion early in the game. Take advantage of her ultimate to create plays that favor your allies in lanes;
  • At the beginning of the game, use the champion’s strength to safely gank;
  • The champion is very effective when it comes to killing dragons. Try to create moves with your team that guarantee the elimination of monsters;
  • Don’t hesitate to use your Q to escape enemy ambushes;

Vi’s Counters

How to Play Vi LoL

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