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How to Play Vex (Tips,Builds and Counters)

How to Play Vex

Vex is one of the champions of League of Legends (LOL), MOBA by Riot Games , available for PC. The Melancholyst is a dark mage who dashes towards enemies with no chance of reaction. Straight from the Shadow Isle, Vex has become one of the most popular champions in the game. We gathered all the skills, possible spells, builds, runes, counters and tips on how to play the character in the mid lane. It is important to say that the following guide was based on the 12.12 patch.

How to Play Vex


Destruction and Darkness (Passive)

When Vex lands an ability on enemies, it deals bonus magic damage and a fear effect , causing foes to move away from the champion. It is worth remembering that the skill 3has a cooldown.

How to Play Vex

Mistral Blast (Q)

Vex fires a wave-shaped projectile that deals magic damage to enemies hit. When the skill hits, it shrinks in size, but gets faster.

Personal Space (W)

Vex generates a shield on herself that absorbs much of the damage taken and deals magic damage to enemies that are close to her.

Imminent Penumbra (E)

Vex fires a shadow that grows in size as it travels, and once it hits the target, deals magic damage and an area slow.

Dark Wave (R)

Vex’s powerful ultimate causes her to cast a shadow that deals magic damage to anyone it hits. If she hits an enemy champion, she can reactivate the skill, causing the champion to advance towards the marked target, dealing more magic damage. If the enemy dies after taking damage from this skill, the ult is reset.

How to Play Vex

Order of Skills

Skill Order | Vex

1 two 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Mistral Blast Q Q Q Q Q
Personal Space W W W W W
Imminent Penumbra AND AND AND AND AND
dark wave R R R

Runes and Spells

Regarding spells, the most popular combination is “Ignite and Flash”, as it increases the champion’s kill potential. However, “Teleport” is also a valid alternative depending on the situation. As for runes, “Electrocute” is the best option for Vex, as she can blow up a target more easily.


This rune, combined with the “Ignite” spell, makes Vex a real bomb, as she can blow up a target more easily with such combinations, being a constant danger.

Examples of builds

Currently, Vex takes advantage of a build focused on magic damage, but that also has a certain resistance, given that the champion exposes herself a lot. It is valid to start with “Eternal Glacier”, or “Luden’s Storm”, proceeding with “Dark Flame” and “Hourglass of Zhonyas”. The best boot for her is the “Sorcerer’s Shoes”.


When you suspect the enemy hunter is nearby, keep your passive guarded to ward off any imminent danger;
In lane, use Mistral Blast (Q) to annoy the enemy and always leave them low on health;
To advance with your ultimate, you need to hit the projectile first, make sure it’s at a good angle so you don’t miss.


Heimerdinger has abilities that can stop any enemy that tries to enter at once, so the Idolized Inventor is a strong threat to Vex whenever she starts a fight with him. In the meantime, Neeko, following the same dynamic as Heimerdinger, is also able to stop Vex very skillfully, being a great counter. Finally, thanks to the resistance that Renekton has, the champion has a very easy time not taking damage from Vex. The Butcher of the Sands has abilities that leave Vex with no escape.

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