How to Play Ahri LoL (Rune Tips, Builds and Counters)

How to Play Ahri LoL

In League of Legends (LOL) , Ahri is one of the most beloved and popular characters. The mage has the ability to transform into an assassin and load games from mid lane. In addition, she is capable of pushing the opponent, contains crowd control (CC) , high destruction potential and, from level six, strong mobility due to her ultimate. The Nine-Tailed Fox is also a great option in teamfights , always being a danger to the enemy backline . Check out below how to play Ahri loL main skills, rune options, spells, builds , counters and tips to improve gameplay with the character in the MOBA by Riot Games. This guide was made based on patch 12.13.

How to Play Ahri LoL

Ahri’s LOL Skills

Essence Steal (Passive)

Ahri gains an Essence Fragment for each minion or monster killed. Upon accumulating nine, she consumes them to heal herself. Healing effect is based on character level + 20% Ability Power (AP).

Orb of Illusion (Q)

The champion launches her orb in a straight line and pulls it back towards her, dealing magic damage on the way out and true damage on the way back. If it hits the enemy at the maximum point, both damage is dealt at the same time.

Fox Fire (W)

Ahri is able to summon three Foxfires and casts them at nearby enemies (giving preference to champions and to last hit ). The skill generates a bonus Movement Speed ​​effect for a short period.

Charm (E)

The Nine-Tailed Fox blows a kiss that damages and enchants an enemy. The skill interrupts any action and movement skill, causing the opponent to walk towards the champion while enchanted.

Spiritual Impulse (R)

Ahri can move quickly and casts essence bolts, which damage the opponent. The ability can be cast three times until it goes on cooldown, and it is possible to extend the number of casts if the champion manages to eliminate enemy champions.

How to Play Ahri LoL

Ahri’s Order of Abilities in LOL

Regardless of the setting, the order of abilities is usually the same: Orb of Illusion (Q) > Fox Fire (W) > Enchantment (E), even if this logic is not followed at the first levels. In the first three levels the order has been W>Q>E or W>E>Q, depending on the match up . Please note the following:

Skill Order | Ahri

1 two 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Orb of Illusion Q Q Q Q Q
fox fire W W W W W
Spiritual Impetus R R R

Ahri’s Runes and Spells

Regarding Spells, the most used combinations for the champion are Flash and Ignite and Flash and Teleport, with the former increasing the potential to kill the opponent. A situational option is to use Flash and Purify if the enemy team has a lot of crowd control and this is a concern, especially early in the game. For the rune tree, Shock from the Dominate tree has been the most viable primary option as well as the most popular, according to Mobalytics. The complement is with the Inspiration tree.


When dealing damage after hitting the enemy with three separate attacks or abilities within three seconds, Electrocute is Ahri’s top choice as it has the power to match her abilities. When using Fox Fire, in conjunction with basic attacks, the rune will be activated easily, causing a big impact on the opponent’s health bar. With “Taste of Blood”, the champion adds even more healing to her arsenal, increasing her ability to sustain herself in lane. “Eyeballs” adds more damage and “Ultimate Hunt” is able to decrease the ultimate cooldown.

In the secondary tree, Inspiration, choose several according to the needs of the game. According to Mobalytics, “Cookie Delivery” and “Time Warp Tonic” are the most common starting options. Both add the ability to survive longer in lane. “Troop Sprayer”, Cosmic Insight and “Perfect Timing” can also be occasional options. Complete the talent tree with Attack Speed, Adaptive Strength, and Armor or Magic Resistance depending on the opponent in the last option.

Examples of Builds

Ahri’s top choice has been Glacieternal as a mythical item. Along with Enchantment (E), it can be a crowd control combo capable of instantly killing an enemy or even allowing Ahri’s abilities to go off cooldown. Another viable option is Luden’s Storm, as it adds good magic damage.

Remember: builds must be adapted for each match. The best option is that they are changed according to the need of each new game. Analyzing the micro (route) and macro (whole map) situations are essential for a build to be optimized and make the character reach the highest potential during a match. See a build for Ahri below.


  • Try to keep the lane under control using Orb of Illusion (Q) to keep pace with the wave of troops, quickly taking them out when necessary. Use the character’s angle to try to punish the opponent as well while cleaning the troops;
  • Make use of Electrocute at lower levels, especially if you start the game with the Corrupt Potion, as you will be able to heal yourself from exchanges in fights;
  • Enchantment (E) has the power to cut and impede advances, even mitigating the damage from enemy abilities that would be dealt to you. Improve usage against enemies that have abilities of this type;
  • Essence Steal (passive) can be an asset to trick the enemy and heal unexpectedly;
  • Always try to reposition with Spirit Rush (R) to hit the other team’s most interesting targets, such as marksmen, midfielders, and other potential carriers.


How to Play Ahri LoL

  • Katarina: Due to her great mobility, Katarina can be a problem for Ahri, who relies heavily on aim to hit her abilities. Not to mention that, Katarina has the possibility of quick eliminations, not allowing Ahri to reposition with her ultimate. Knowing when to use Charm (E) is essential in this match up .
  • Ziggs: The Hexplosives Specialist’s high range is a problem for Ahri. Even with his ultimate, it’s difficult to get to the little yordle due to the crowd control he presents in his kit with Concentrated Charge (W) and Hexplosive Minefield (E). In addition to being a problem from the first level with its power to kill troops.
  • Yasuo: The Unforgivable is a problem as it can stop almost all of Ahri’s attacks with Wall of Wind (W). In every charge, if Yasuo manages to use the barrier correctly, Ahri will have trouble posing danger to the champion. Nimble Sword (E) makes the character even more difficult to hit, which makes life difficult for Ahri.
  • Veigar: The Little Master of Evil can be a problem for Ahri for several reasons, requiring the Nine-Tailed Fox to gain advantages early in the game to be able to deal with him. Event Horizon (E) creates a cage that prevents Ahri from moving while using her ultimate. With Primal Blast (R), Veigar can still deal massive damage with an ability that simply clicks on the opponent, which takes away some of the champion’s repositioning.
  • Syndra: The Dark Sovereign has the power to position the spheres to defend against possible advances with Scatter the Weak (E), decreasing Ahri’s all-in power. In addition, she is another character with ultimate ability with explosion power with just one click on the opponent.
  • Kassadin: The Voidwalker is considered one of the main mage counters in the game. With great mobility starting at level six and great abilities against AP users, Kassadin is one of Ahri’s biggest problems.

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