How to make Torch in Minecraft Survival

How to make Torch in Minecraft Survival: Minecraft has made minor changes to how its Torches work in the game, but the way they are crafted remains the same after so many years. We prepared a tutorial to teach you how to make torch in Minecraft survival all their variations, such as Sticks and Common Charcoal, Charcoal, Redstone Torches, Lanterns and more options. The tutorial was performed on PlayStation 4 (PS 4 ), however the method is the same in all other versions of the game. Minecraft is available for Xbox On e , PlayStation 5 (PS 5 ), Xbox Series X , Xbox Series S , Nintendo Switch h , Android d , iPhon e (iO S ), Windows 1 0 and Windows 1 1 .

After the Caves & Cliffs Part 2 update , Minecraft changed the way monster spawning takes place in the game. Now only areas with total darkness, with level 0 light, spawn monsters and just place a Torch to light a large 14 block area in all directions around it. This change is a great help for users to be able to illuminate the new caves added to the game, which are much larger than the ones that already exist.

Next, you can see how to create variations of the main Torch in the game. The different styles that can be created are: Soul Torch, Lanterns, Redstone Torch and Halloween Pumpkin, which, in addition to providing good lighting, also works as a fun decorative piece for your home.

How to make Torch in Minecraft Survival

How to make Torch in Minecraft

Step 1. Torches in Minecraft can be created with Sticks and Charcoal, either regular or vegetable charcoal;

Step 2. To create sticks use Wood transformed into Wooden Boards and then into Sticks, or Bamboo which can be converted at a ratio of 2 Bamboos to 1 Stick;

Step 3. Common coal can be found naturally in the Minecraft world , but it is not a renewable fuel source;

Step 4. To create Charcoal, put Wood Logs in a Furnace with some kind of fuel, even other Logs and the result will be the material. It can be used to craft torches in the same way as regular Coal, but it is renewable.

How to make Torch of the Soul

Soul Torch is a blue variant of the regular torch that generates less light and does not melt ice. To create them, the same items are used, Stick and Coal, with the addition of Soul Earth or Soul Sand, both found in the Nether.

how to make lantern

Step 1. With 1 Iron Bar in hand, use a Bench to turn it into 9 Iron Nuggets. You will need 8 of them to create the lantern;

Step 2. Use a Torch and Nuggets to craft a Lantern;

Step 3. Unlike Torches, Lanterns can be placed on the ceiling. The Lantern can also be crafted with the Soul Torch to create a Soul Lantern.

How to make Redstone Torch

The Redstone Torch is an essential piece of Redstone circuitry that emits a continuous signal, however it is not used much for lighting. To create one, simply unite a Stick with Redstone Powder to create it.

How to make Torch in Minecraft Survival

How to make Halloween Pumpkin

Step 1. A Halloween Pumpkin (Jack O’Lantern) emits as much light as a Torch. To create it, you will first need to have a Pumpkin, either planted or obtained in the Minecraft world ;

Step 2. With a Clipper, interact with the Pumpkin block to turn it into a Carved Pumpkin and then collect it;

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