How to Make Lighter in Minecraft

How to Make Lighter in Minecraft? In Minecraft, lighters need few resources to build and are useful for setting fire to blocks, destroying buildings, lighting environments, among other examples; see

Minecraft has several useful tools for construction, but few that are also capable of destruction, such as the Lighter / Flint. This item allows you to set fire to various types of flammable blocks in sequence, especially those made of wood. Crafting it is quite simple: all you need is an Iron Bar and Flint.

The item also offers other secondary uses that will be discussed in more detail later. Check out, below, how to make lighter in Minecraft . Worth mentioning method is the same for Xbox Series X / S , PlayStation 5 ( PS5 ), Xbox One , PlayStation 4 ( PS4 ), Nintendo Switch , Android , iPhone ( iOS ) and PC.

The Lighter is an item that can set almost any block on fire and can be used to temporarily light a location. If the material in question is flammable, such as wood, the fire will consume it and try to spread to adjacent blocks. This makes the Lighter very useful for destroying wooden buildings or even unwanted forests. Some blocks like Netherrack can permanently catch fire and even become alternatives to torches.

In addition to the more well-known uses, the Lighter can also be used for alternative purposes, such as activating a portal to the Nether when used on a 4×5 Obsidian. A very useful function is that when you kill an animal with the fire of the Lighter, it will leave its meat roasted, without having to go through an oven for that.

How to Make Lighter in Minecraft

How to Make Lighter in Minecraft

Step 1. Obtain an Iron Bar. It is possible to do this by extracting Iron Ore with a Pickaxe in underground areas of Minecraft and then melting it in a Furnace;

Step 2. Obtain a Flint. This can be done by destroying Gravel blocks until the item spawns. The Shovel is the most efficient tool for this function;

How to Make Lighter in Minecraft

Step 3. In your crafting window, craft the Lighter. It is not necessary to use a Workbench for this item;

Step 4. Set fire to whatever you want to destroy, but make sure there is no possibility that the fire will pass to buildings you want to keep. If something gets out of control, you can turn off the “Fire spreads” option in Minecraft options ;

How to Make Lighter in Minecraft

Step 5. To activate a Nether portal with the Lighter, just interact with an Obsidian as if trying to set fire to it. Remember to bring a lighter when crossing so you don’t get stuck in the Nether if the portal goes out;

Step 6. When killing an animal with the Lighter, it will leave its meat roasted without needing an oven.

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