How to make a cannon in Minecraft Easy

How to make a cannon in Minecraft Easy: Minecraft allows players to create a variety of buildings, but few of them are as functional as the mighty TNT cannon. When a TNT explosive is activated, it becomes a very different type of block in the game, which can suffer effects such as gravity. It didn’t take long for players to realize that it was possible to have a cannon war by throwing one block of TNT against another. Check out how to make a cannon in Minecraft easy steps for Xbox One , PlayStation 4 ( PS4 ), Nintendo Switch , Android , iPhone ( iOS ) and PC.

The trick to making a cannon in Minecraft is to activate a TNT block, wait a few seconds, and then activate another, so that the second block is thrown by the explosion of the first. This task becomes easier and more automated with the use of Redstone Ejectors and Repeaters.

When an Ejector is activated and has TNT blocks inside it, it already ejects an activated block. Redstone Repeaters, in turn, can delay the same signal that activates the first Ejector, only to reach the second Ejector later, when it’s time to fire.

When using a trickle of water in your cannon, the explosion’s damage to the structure is nullified, but not its power to throw objects. That way, you can even use more Ejectors and more TNT blocks to amplify the effect and launch your projectile much further. Check step by step.

How to make a cannon in Minecraft Easy

How to make a cannon in Minecraft Easy Steps

Step 1. The cannon’s base should be built out of 3 x 10 bricks. Until mastering the technique, it can be interesting to use an explosion-resistant material, such as Obsidian ;

Step 2. At the end that is the “wick”, place three more blocks and a Button in the middle with Redstone at the ends;

Step 3. Create eight Redstone Repeaters that will delay the Redstone signal from your TNT cannon;

Step 4. Create nine Ejectors, eight of which will provide TNT for propulsion and one that will fire;

Step 5. Assemble the left side with eight blocks of Obsidian (or whatever material you choose) and an Ejector on the inward-facing end. Also place eight Redstone Repeaters above the blocks and interact with them to maximize each one’s delay. Finally, place a strand of Redstone above the Ejector;

Step 6. Place Redstone on the eight Ejectors on the right side, heading inward, and connect it to the button from Step 2;

Step 7. Add a Bucket of Water in front of the button that will charge the TNT and prevent it from destroying the cannon when firing;

Step 8. At the tip of the gun, add a Slab of any material in front of the last Ejector so that the TNT does not exceed the water;

Step 9. This is how your cannon should appear from above;

Step 10. Create blocks of TNT and load each Ejector with them. When the Button is pressed, the TNT blocks will be thrown into the water. As they get close to exploding, the last Ejector places an extra TNT block on the tip, which will be fired by the others’ explosion like a cannon.

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