How to Defend in FIFA 22: 8 Best Trips and Tricks

How to Defend in FIFA 22

If in FIFA 22 the goal is the main objective to win matches, putting together a solid defense and preventing opponents from scoring is an equally important and efficient strategy. Much more than chasing the attackers, knowing how and when to attempt a tackle or how to post your defenders is essential to successfully “close the box”.

Prepared a guide with eight tips and tricks to improve your defensive performance and score more safely and consistently in the Electronic Arts football game , in its versions for PlayStation 5 ( PS5 ), PlayStation 4 ( PS4 ), Xbox Series X/S , Xbox One , PC and Nintendo Switch . Check out how to defend in FIFA 22.

How to Defend in FIFA 22 8 Best Trips and Tricks

Cover spaces and predict passes

If one day marking in soccer games was all about holding a tack button, in FIFA 22 players need much more than that to succeed. Manually controlling your defender (preferably a midfielder), cover the widest spaces in front of the opponent who has the ball.

A good idea is to position yourself between the available pass lines to attempt interceptions, which will happen as soon as the ball passes your player. Also watch out for manually chasing attackers who try to infiltrate or run diagonally, to prevent them from receiving passes and going out in front of the goal.

Use the jockey button

The FIFA jockey (hold L2 on PlayStation or LT on Xbox) is a command that makes your defender move laterally, prioritizing face-to-face combat with opponents. This makes it easier to keep up with attackers, and makes moves like tackles and carts more efficient.

When covering spaces and lines (as explained in the item above), always keep the jockey button pressed. It is also possible to hold the racing controller (R2 on PlayStation and RT on Xbox) simultaneously to increase scrolling speed. Just don’t forget to release the jockey button when you need more speed to catch up with a rival.

How to Defend in FIFA 22 8 Best Trips and Tricks

Use of individual instructions

To try to close the defense and steal the ball more easily, you can set up individual instructions for each of your players. This makes the virtual athletes behave in a way that facilitates their operation without the ball, and helps to keep the boom organized.

It is recommended to prevent full-backs from going up too much for attacking plays, as well as defensive midfielders or midfielders. This will make your team less impetuous on offense, but it will prevent your team from being caught off guard in counter-attack plays.

Change your lineup

Are you conceding too many goals and don’t know how to stop them? Changing your formation is usually a way to try a different approach to defensive play. Strategies with more pieces in the defense field will not always solve all problems.

Try formations with a fuller midfield (like the 4-1-2-1-2) to gain control of the midfield, or the classic 4-4-2 to use wing support in danger plays. Combined with the instructions, this can completely change your playstyle.

Use players with the right attributes on defense

After realizing your style of play and the situations in which you are conceding goals, try to play with teams that have athletes with characteristics that play in your favor. Are you suffering from aerial plays? Higher defenders and full-backs will help you gain aerial dominance, for example.

In the case of Ultimate Team, swapping one or two pieces of your schematic will be easier. Opt for players with good speed, physique and defense numbers to deal with the very fast attackers that are common in the game.

Surprise the opponent by moving your goalkeeper
If the opponent is face-to-face with your goalkeeper and you have no more defenders to try to tackle, it might be interesting to advance against the ball. It is worth mentioning that the goalkeeper move will be your last option to avoid the goal, and, if executed correctly, should surprise your rival.

In addition to holding the Triangle/Y to go out with the archer, it is also possible to click the right analog stick (R3/RS) and move it to the sides to make the goalkeeper move. Here it is worth the experience and reading of the rival striker to guess where he will try to finish.

How to Defend in FIFA 22 8 Best Trips and Tricks

Change the cursor using the right analog

It is common for players to switch between athletes by pressing L1, or even wait for the game to automatically switch. In theory, this technique works, but it will be much more common to see the cursor land on players outside the shot, creating scoring opportunities for opponents.

Choose to make the change by moving the right stick quickly towards the player you want to control. It may take some time for the command to become easy to execute, but the effort is certainly worthwhile, to avoid surprises in dangerous moves.

How to Defend in FIFA 22 8 Best Trips and Tricks

Avoid the disarm button

The Pounce/Tack command may seem like the best alternative to stealing the ball from an opponent, but the truth is that when used at inappropriate times, it can completely ruin a defensive play.

Only pounce when your defender is completely in line with the attacker, or side by side with the rival. This will ensure that your defender does not miss the move and is easily beaten by the opponent, who will have the field free to continue with his play.

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