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Fortnite Updates v12.30 Patch Notes: New Crash Pad, Kingsman Umbrella


Epic Games discharged the v12.30 Fortnite update today subsequent to declaring the discharge yesterday. The servers were down at 6 AM UTC and were back up in a little more than 60 minutes. Similarly as with each major Fortnite update, Epic added new records to the game.

Information diggers have released the new documents that were included which incorporates new Fortnite skins and different beauty care products, forthcoming difficulties, and the sky is the limit from there. There’s been various weapons and things included the present v12.30 update which we’ll cover in the fix notes.

Epic are as yet not discharging patch notes in the wake of choosing to dump discharging them some time back. There were two or three updates last season that incorporates some concise Fortnite fix notes, however it would seem that we’ll go the entire season with no fix notes.


There wasn’t an excessive amount of included the present update that is live in-game. Be that as it may, there is one significant expansion to the game which could switch up the meta.


Information diggers as a rule release new things that have been added to the game, yet let one slip past during personal time today. The Fortnite servers were back up over 30 minutes prior, and when players hopped once more into the game, they found another thing.


The Crash Pad is a spic and span Fortnite thing included the present update. The Crash Pad new Fortnite thing is basically a versatile trampoline that is of uncommon (blue) irregularity. Players can toss the accident cushion down onto the ground to bring forth it.

You’ll at that point have the option to bounce on it and the more occasions you hop on it, the higher the accident cushion will dispatch you into the air. In the event that you tumble to the ground subsequent to hopping off an accident cushion, you won’t take any fall harm.

Players will currently have the option to make sky bases unafraid in the event that they have an accident cushion on them. The accident cushion can be in a split second sent as you’re falling, forestalling fall harm from any tallness.

The accident cushions drop in heaps of 3 yet starting at yet, we don’t know what the maximum stack size is for the new thing. Be that as it may, it’s probably going to be six yet we’ll refresh this when we know beyond a shadow of a doubt. Here’s a gander at the accident cushion in real life:


There’s another Fortnite umbrella in the present v12.30 update, yet it’s not the typical restorative umbrella we’re completely used to.

The Kinsmans Fortnite umbrella is a weapon that is an incredible thing. As per players that have run over the Kingsmans umbrella Fortnite weapon, it’s accessible in the government agent games alongside the ordinary center games including solo, teams, and crews.

As per leakers, there’s three unique varieties/rarities; uncommon, epic, and amazing. The new Fortnite umbrella, Kingsman, is a weapon that bargains 50 harm when hitting an adversary that is near you.

You can likewise utilize the Kingsman umbrella to square shots and permits clients to slow plunge while tumbling from statures, yet won’t totally forestall fall harm. The new Kingsman Fortnite umbrella will break while tumbling from high statures.

Players can likewise charge the umbrella and push advances just as having the option to convey the lightweight flyer with only a little hop noticeable all around.

So as to square projectiles, open the Kingsman toward the path you’re getting shot from. You can break structures and homestead materials utilizing this, and you can likewise play out the little bounce movements you could with the light sabers. This weapon is basically the light saber yet won’t be as normal to discover.

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