Fortnite Nindo: How to Participate in Nindo and How to Earn Rewards from Naruto

Fortnite Nindo

Fortnite started a new collaboration with the Naruto series this Tuesday (21). The Nindo 2022 event will challenge players to complete the paths of the characters Itachi, Gaara, Hinata, and Orochimaru in search of badges that will grant themed rewards and experience. These tasks must be accomplished by playing Battle Royale and Building Zero Mode matches in Fortnite. Among the rewards are emoticons, the Akatsuki Wrap, and the Manda Glider, which is the final prize in The Nindo.

It is worth remembering that the challenges can be completed until July 8, at 0:59 am, Brasília time. Before, it is necessary to make a small registration so that it is possible to carry out the tasks and win the rewards. Check out how to participate in the event below.

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Fortnite Nindo How to Participate in Nindo and How to Earn Rewards from Naruto 1

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How to Participate in Nindo?

Go to The Nindo’s official portal (the Nindo. Fortnite .com/pt-BR/) and log in with your Epic Games account. With this step completed, you will already be on your The Nindo page, where you will be able to see all the challenges available, the rewards, and, most importantly, your progress bar. It is worth remembering that you may need to wait up to 90 minutes for a completed challenge in Fortnite to be updated in your bar.

How to Earn Rewards from Naruto

In all, there are four paths for you to follow in The Nindo. Each one has a specific challenge to complete. It is worth noting that each challenge will be rewarded with a badge and each path has five badges to earn. See what the tasks are:

  • Itachi’s Way – The Top 6 Finalists
  • Gaara’s Path – Survived the 24 Circles of the Storm
  • Hinata’s Way – The 20 Hooked Fish
  • Orochimaru’s Path – Every 18 kills

As you progress in your missions, new rewards will be acquired, until you reach the final prize. Check out all the event rewards and the number of badges needed to receive each one:

  • Shocked Itachi Emoticon – A badge in Itachi’s way
  • Focused Gaara Emoticon – A badge in Gaara’s way
  • Hinata emoticon with Byakugan – A badge in Hinata’s way
  • Smiling Orochimaru Emoticon – A badge in the way of Orochimaru
  • 20k EXP – Five badges
  • Akatsuki Wrap – Ten badges in any path
  • Manda Glider – Complete all paths

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