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Fortnite: How to hide in Secret Passages in different matches


With regards to the covert agent topic presented with the new season, there are currently Fortnite Secret Passages running underneath the guide. These are covered up in normal looking toilets or dumpsters around the island, which will mystically whisk you off to another area when you stow away inside, so knowing which ones have burrows associated will assist you with ticking off the three you requirement for one of the Fortnite Brutus’ Briefing difficulties as soon as possible.

Everywhere you’ll see toilets and dumpsters you can stow away in to keep away from adversary players. Nonetheless, as we referenced, some likewise go about as transports and will whip you away to another can or dumpster close by. The vast majority of them are two-way, yet a couple are one way in particular – and discovering which will be which is a large portion of the good times. You’ll discover toilets and dumpsters spread around the island in Fortnite, for the most part focused close to the different Agent bases and Ghost or Shadow safe houses, however be cautioned: the Fortnite Secret Passages are just dynamic in typical matches, so sadly you can’t utilize Team Rumble or Creative modes to make life simpler. Considering that, start a Solo, Duos, or Squads match and afterward head to one of these territories on the guide to tick off the test.

We’ve stamped a lot of Fortnite Secret Passage areas on the guide above, so you have numerous options for where to proceed to discover the toilets and dumpsters. Remember that a portion of these are contained inside Fortnite vaults, so you won’t have the option to get to them except if you bring down the chief and utilize their keycard to get inside. The Fortnite Secret Passages are bunched around the accompanying spots:

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  • The Shark in B1
  • The islands in A2 and B2
  • The SHADOW Safe House at B4
  • The Rig in B7
  • Around the Pleasant Park SHADOW Safe House at D2 and D3
  • The Agency in E4
  • The GHOST Safe House at D5
  • The SHADOW Safe House on the island in E7
  • The SHADOW Safe House at F2
  • The Yacht in H1
  • The SHADOW Safe House at G4
  • The Grotto in H5

Keep in mind, only one Fortnite Secret Passage for each match will check towards the test, which implies you’ll need to play at any rate three matches – you can’t simply locate a solitary can or dumpster and continue utilizing it inside a similar game. You can, be that as it may, make life simpler by heading for the Safe House at D5. That is got seven can mystery entries arranged outside, and two progressively inside, making it a very simple spot to utilize directly from a drop. Head there, utilize a Fortnite Secret Passage, at that point do this process again two additional occasions in various matches to finish the test.

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