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Fortnite Helicopter Locations: All Fortnite Choppas Locations [Updated]

Fortnite helicopters have been with us for a couple of seasons now, they’re as yet the quickest strategy for transport to get around the island, however, because of different guide changes, there aren’t the same number of Fortnite Choppas about as there used to be. There are fixed spots where you should be ensured to discover one, except if another player has outsmarted you, however, contrasted with different choices they’re substantially less pervasive than the Fortnite speedboats, for instance. Fortnite Helicopter Locations As you can utilize them to take to the skies, Fortnite helicopters are the most adaptable vehicles you can seize, however on account of the boisterous sound from their rotors you won’t remain undetected by your rivals as you approach.

In contrast to the speedboats, Fortnite helicopters don’t have any weapons implicit, however on the off chance that your partners are riding with you, at that point they can discharge their own munitions stockpile from the sides. Fortnite Choppas do, notwithstanding, have a lift for shifty moves (or to simply get where you’re going, quicker) in addition to an amplifier you can enact to impact out Ride of the Valkyries and make all your Apocalypse Now dreams a Fortnite reality. On the off chance that you’re prepared to take to the skies, at that point here are the entirety of the Fortnite helicopter areas so you can lift off.

Fortnite Helicopter Locations

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On the guide above we’ve denoted the areas of the five helipads which are right now dynamic, so that is the place where the Fortnite helicopters will produce. Fortnite Helicopter Locations The one in Doom’s Domain frames a piece of his general Spy Base, so keep an eye out for Henchmen in case you’re going to snatch one of the Fortnite Choppas from that point, while you’re probably going to experience Stark Robots in the event that you go to the helipad at Stark Industries. Should you lean toward utilizing map directions to find where you need to go, at that point these are the Fortnite helicopter areas:

  • B4 – Between Sweaty Sands and Holly Hedges
  • D3 – Doom’s Domain
  • F4 – Stark Industries
  • F7 – Lazy Lake Island
  • G7 – Weather Station

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