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Fortnite Characters locations – what do Characters in Fortnite do and where can you find new NPCs

Fortnite characters are typically cordial and supportive within the event that you just experience them walking around specific areas, irrespective of whether you meet Rick Sanchez, Rook, Marigold, Maven, division, or any of various NPCs who structure the new list in Fortnite Season 7. the amount of characters accessible has been essentially decreased from 50 to only 17, with generally new Fortnite NPCs making up that new aggregate. The capacities of those characters has additionally had an update, as there are some new administrations you’ll exploit on top of the everyday fast journeys to be finished for Fortnite gold bars, however it appears to be that nobody is managing in Fortnite bounties or Fortnite weapon redesigns as of now.

Those bars would then be ready to be suffered with Fortnite characters to shop for weapons and things, get helpful data, or maybe recruit them to battle within sight you. Since the universe of Fortnite is so huge you almost certainly won’t coincidentally find them unintentionally, so follow our manual for everything of the Fortnite characters areas and you will get along with them during a matter of moments.

Fortnite Characters Locations

There are as of now just 17 Fortnite characters to find round the island, and you’ll monitor those you’ve met up to now by visiting the Collections tab on the Quests screen. With the conceivable exemption of Bunker Jonesy, all of them solitary produce in one explicit area each, so we’ve denoted everything of the Fortnite characters areas we’ve experienced on the guide. Remember that assuming another player has effectively employed or disposed of the character, that may eliminate them from the world.

You’ll realize when you’re near one as you will see a discourse bubble symbol on your guide, even as on your screen over their head. This rundown shows where the whole lot of the Fortnite characters are often found:

  • 01) Abstrakt – Retail Row (expanding on north side)
  • 02) ??? – (character and area presently obscure)
  • 03) Guggimon – Lockie’s Lighthouse (northwest of Stealthy Stronghold)
  • 04) Sunny – Believer Beach (the dock)
  • 05) Bunker Jonesy – Lumber Lodge (southwest of Misty Meadows)
  • 06) Bushranger – Risky Reels (east of Boney Burbs)
  • 07) Dreamflower – Flopper Pond (east of Holly Hedges)
  • 08) Joey – Dirty Docks (expanding on west side)
  • 09) Hayseed – Steel Farm (east of Corny Complex)
  • 10) Marigold – Lazy Lake (expanding on southeast side)
  • 11) Maven – Dinky Dish (southeast of Craggy Cliffs)
  • 12) Rick Sanchez – Defiant Dish (east of Weeping Woods)
  • 13) Riot – Yellow Steel Bridge (east of Misty Meadows)
  • 14) Rook – Dockside Dish (southwest of Dirty Docks)
  • 15) division – **REDACTED** (southeast of Catty Corner)
  • 16) Swamp Stalker – Slurpy Swamp (shack on south coast)
  • 17) Doctor Slone – Corny Complex (underground base)

Fortnite Doctor Slone Location

Fortnite Doctor Slone is difficult to search out, as they’re concealed in a very mysterious shelter underneath Corny Complex. to urge thereto and get in touch with them, you will need catch the big red stable within the ranch, then, at that time toward its side either go down through the storehouse steps or advancement the tempest incubate. after you face Doctor Slone, they’ll split into three separate rivals and you may must overcome all of them to ensure Slone’s Mythic Pulse Rifle. Notwithstanding, simply starting this experience must be sufficient to feature Doctor Slone to your assortment.

Who is Fortnite Character 02 and where are they?

Right now the personality of Fortnite Character 02 may be a secret, and that they cannot be found on the island. There was a comparable issue beforehand with Sparkplug, who didn’t show until another time within the season for vague reasons, so almost certainly, there’s a specialized postponement yet ideally it’ll not be excessively long until we’ll have the choice to fulfill Fortnite Character 02.

What do Fortnite Characters do

At the purpose once you discover one amongst the Fortnite characters and keep company with them, you will be given an assortment of alternatives to browse, either taking over an undertaking for them or purchasing something from them. Potential decisions include:
  • Duel – Defeat the character in battle to collect their weapon
  • Recuperating – Character recuperates HP for you
  • Recruit – Recruit the character to battle handy you
  • Prop Disguise – Turns you into a prop until you utilize a thing or take harm
  • Journey – tackle a speedy errand, like collecting a selected material
  • Break – Opens a crack to move you into the sky so you’ll be able to skim
  • Tempest Forecast – Shows where the subsequent Storm stage will frame on your guide
  • Supply Drop – Triggers additional Supply Drops to fall
  • Tip busman – Post a tip to the Battle driver within the feed
  • Weapon – Purchase a colourful weapon from the character

Whenever you’ve acknowledged an undertaking from a Fortnite character, you’ll be able to keep tabs on your development by pulling up the guide screen and either rummaging through your Quests, or moving over to the Bars Quests tab which should show it in confinement. At the purpose when a task is finished, you’ll consequently get the gold bars into your stock, so you do not need to come back to to the character to collect your prize.

Which Fortnite Characters do what

In case you’re trying to find a selected assistance from one in every of the Fortnite characters, then, at that time these are those you should catch.


  • Unique Forces


  • Dreamflower
  • Hayseed


  • Unique Forces

Prop Disguise

  • Abstrakt
  • Bushranger
  • Hayseed
  • Joey


  • Fortification Jonesy
  • Rick Sanchez

Tempest Forecast

  • Expert

Supply Drop

  • Marigold
  • Uproar
  • Rook

Tip Bus Driver

  • Dreamflower – enormous (4,000 bars) tip as it were
  • Guggimon – little (500 bars) or enormous (4,000 bars) tip
  • Radiant – little (500 bars) or enormous (4,000 bars) tip

Note that up until this point, it seems tipping the transport driver just presents a message on the feed in the base left corner of the screen for all players to see, yet in the event that some other impacts are found we’ll make reference to them here.


  • Abstrakt – Marksman Six Shooter (400 bars)
  • Specialist Stone – Stone’s Pulse Rifle (take out to get)
  • Guggimon – Night Hawk (400 bars)
  • Expert – Shadow Tracker (400 bars)
  • Uproar – Storm Scout (500 bars)
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