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Fortnite Chapter 3 – Everything We Know

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 Battle Pass

Fortnite season 3 is launching this Sunday and the battle pass has been leaked. On top of new weapons items and more. We’ll explain everything we know. So mark your calendar for Saturday, June 4th we experience the collision event.

Right now content creators around the world have been getting messages from Fortnite. With these cryptic images and so far if you connect them all together. It reveals this yes whatever happens during the collision event will be the theme of next season. That’s why epic is being so secretive about it but you wouldn’t imagine what we know so far for the past few weeks. We’ve watched as imperial stormtroopers patrol the island with Obi-Wan Kenobi. Hiding from the imagined order. And if you watch this trailer you might notice that someone else is coming for him.

Darth Vader & Indiana Jones

Well, this is all building up to the reveal that next season. Darth Vader will be the star of the battle passage joining the fight on the island as a boss. We’ve even got our first look at the official Darth Vader skin and of course, he’ll take his place as the tier 100 outfit. But he’s one skin and an impressive battle fast because this confirmed leak also shows us the secret skin, Indiana Jones.


No this isn’t Han solo with a cowboy hat but I mean come on they had to do this. We’ll also see a new customizable skin named snap. And it seems we’ll assemble our own style by swapping out all different types of parts. What has everyone talking is the crew back? Because the upgraded mecha team leader will be joining the collection.

When this leak came out the community didn’t know what to believe. I mean could this actually be real but on June 1st epic games released the mecha strike commander. Proving once and for all that this leak was 100 percent authentic. What you didn’t know is the secret hiding inside of the mecha. Because if you equip certain pickaxes as the punch saw. Its chest disappears and inside you’ll find a love heart and much belief. This might have been revealed before the live event. And it’ll play a huge part and that might not even be the biggest secret for the new season.

Mecha Team Leader Fortnite

Right now the mecha is being rebuilt on the ice moon a planet outside the Fortnite island which has been hiding in the game since chapter one. Three years ago the mecha blasted off the island after the final showdown and has been abandoned there ever since. Its original pilot the paradigm has returned to the ice moon to pilot the mecha once again. This will be the big battle during the collision event this will determine not only the fate of the zero point but what comes after and let me tell you. They’re already mind-blowing leaks and rumors about season 3.

Craftable Male Skin

About a month ago a post on 4chan mentioned a craftable male skin which was then confirmed to be snap. With that info checked out he went on to reveal the theme of the seasonal drought. If this turns out to be true the collider will fail during the event and actually overheat the island. The storm will be replaced with a red heat wave and the volcano from chapter 1. Is set to return according to this leak. Also, get consumables such as pineapples durian, and mocha although could be a lucky guess.

Drought Leak

In fact, you should take this drought leak with a grain of salt because there’s another 4chan thread. And if it’s true it would be insane this person claims that Han Solo, Luke, and Leia will be coming to Fortnite. Either this October or May 2023. I mean anyone could guess that. But what’s interesting is that they also claim warner bros is no longer able to collab with Fortnite. Due to the release of their game multiverses. If that is true it could mean that characters from Looney Tunes game of thrones or even DC would be banned from appearing in Fortnite. Well, we’re all hoping this leak is fake. Something that does come from a trustworthy source is our seasonal leak from Tabor Hill. In the past, he’s revealed things like the chapter 3 flip raptors. Even doctor strange and for season 3 he has one word for our tree.

Zero Point Tree

Fortnite Chapter 3 - Everything We Know

If it’s related to next season’s theme we’ll see some kind of zero point tree. We’ve seen it bloom before and it’s not even the first time we’ve had these on the map. But what if it’s gigantic like the earth tree and eldering or it could mean nature begins to take over the island. And even cause it to become overgrown. But if there is one thing we know for concern it’s that you cannot afford to miss. In the live event yes there will be exclusive rewards for people. Who attends collision including a freeloading screen and music pack.

But in the days leading up to the finale, we will also get a new set in the shop called the mecha weapons team. You can spot these skins in a teaser posted by Fortnite. As well as the official collision cover art they are going to be exclusive to the event. So make sure to pick them up in case but if you miss them don’t worry because season 3 will come with two new starter packs. You’ll be able to buy min June’s pack when the season begins and we’ll be joined by a new save. The world bundle featuring tony and for those of you who love anime season, 3 will also be bringing the second wave of naruto skins.

Team 8

It was such a successful crossover that epic is doing it again we’re not exactly sure which characters will be coming to the game. But the main rumor is that we’ll see team 8. A few days into the season though we’ll also be getting a brand new Fortnite concert. The sound wave series is coming back this time featuring Gen Hoshino. And in the post, epic confirmed that season 3 launches on June 5th and the concert is in a couple of days. After every season launch, it’s a tradition that we get a new battle bus image. And at first, it was random but with each season it turns out we’re watching the sunset in real-time. I don’t know why they do this but the more you know and despite the next season being a total mystery. There are still some items and leaks that we’re going to see for some reason this week.

Klombo’s Mounds

Epic games moved all Klombo’s Mounds closer to the collider this could be hinting at him helping us during the event. Because what we do know is that he’ll be returning in season 3. And while we’ll see our prehistoric friend again this time he will be different when he returns. He’ll have the chance to drop a special version of meat along with 15 new types of loot like ammo mats and more. But epic is going to turn off their immortality and actually let us drop Klombo and only psychos would do that though why is nick okay moving on.

If you aren’t able to use Klombo for mobility don’t worry because next season may also give us a brand. New vehicle leakers have found files for a quad bike which could be a reworked version of the Quadcrasher. And it’s not the only vehicle getting a refresh baller could also be rolling back to the game.

Hamster Ball Version 2

Next season it’s in the files under the name hamster ball version 2. so I can’t imagine it would be anything else but let’s pray season 3 doesn’t turn out like this again. There might be a better way to swing around Spider-Man’s mythic web-shooters. They removed this season which disappointed a lot of the community. But the web slingers may actually make a return after the files have been updated. With new camera movement and this wouldn’t happen if the mythic was vaulted.

Patrick Mahomes

So will someone like miles morals be the one to bring the web slingers back? Well I mean if everyone turns the like button blue it’ll show epic that all we want them back. I mean it’ll work and lately we’ve been seeing some amazing releases like the introduction of Ali-A into the icon series his set was incredible. But the next entry has already been revealed a skin has been discovered that includes. An Adidas texture and this symbol people have linked to the NFL quarterback. Patrick Mahomes and it looks like he’ll be coming to the game next season.

cannon 2.0

But if you had fun blasting down people’s builds and sniping them with a Deagle. You’re in luck because epic is working on a new pistol and it sounds to me like a hand cannon 2.0. The best part is it’s even more devastating to build. So with all these powerful weapons coming to the game a lot of us are going to be relying on our team to carry us and that’s why.

You’ll be happy to hear that season 3 may give us a completely new reboot system. Fortnite is working on a deployable reboot item that’ll let us bring back friends without the need for a van and soon. We’ll also be able to revive our friends with gold instead of a reboot card.

Fortnite x Family Guy

Fortnite Chapter 3 - Everything We Know

It doesn’t stop there one of the craziest leaks of the entire season is Fortnite x family guy. This has been given even more evidence in chapter 2 a family guy backfilling was leaked. But nothing ever came out of it everyone assumed it was like a troll from epic. Except for this season’s unreal engine, 5 was finally released. In a developer live stream, you could spot an epic game employee with leaked season 3 folders on their computer.

Yup, they revealed Darth Vader and Indiana Jones. But it did not stop there a few folders down you could find a family guy. I can’t believe that actually get to play as peter griffin in season 3. I mean what a world and epic aren’t stopping there because they’re giving out free cosmetics to celebrate the release of season 3. Zero war comics listen to this person who buys it and will be given. An exclusive spider-man skin alongside items to iron men and wolverine you do not want to miss this most insane part.

Is this limited edition cover of zero war it shows off a new wolverine skin they’ll be releasing next season but I can’t stop thinking about old man Jonesy. I mean it looks so weird anyway to keep it short in season 3. Looks like we’ll be shooting Darth Vader while playing Indiana Jones. And while all this is happening there’s a brand new ice moon that’ll play a huge role in Fortnite. From now on everything will be revealed once the collision live event begins on Saturday. We are only limited to four people in a lobby so make sure to pick your co-pilots in advance.


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