How to Make an Elevator in Minecraft Tutorial

See how to make an elevator in Minecraft tutorial to travel faster with your character. Elevators have been present in Minecraft since the first versions of the game.Originally built with wooden boats, the equipment is now made from the management of bubble currents thanks to updates that added underwater currents to the game. Check out below how to develop your own automatic elevator in Minecraft tutorial, available for PlayStation 4 ( PS4 ), Xbox One , Nintendo Switch , Android , iPhone ( iOS ) and PC.

In Minecraft, the player can create their own underwater current using two blocks: Soul Sand and Magma Block. When placed in a column of water, the Sand of Souls block found in the Nether emits bubbles that launch the player upwards. The Magma Block, present in the Nether and the ocean floor, when in contact with water, creates the opposite effect, pulling the player down. These elevators can also transport items in the desired direction, following the current.

Usually, for reasons of symmetry or real-world simulation, players create two elevators: one to go up, and one to go down. The Magma Block, however, does damage to the player and doesn’t work as well as an elevator. A more efficient tip for traveling downwards is to drop down and use a water block to reduce the damage of the fall.

A common mistake that can make your elevator not work is using just a bucket of water on top of the column. For the equipment to work properly, all blocks used must be from a water source (which is equivalent to a bucket). If your elevator is more than 10 blocks high, you must place a bucket on each block leading to the top. See the step-by-step construction below.

Elevator in Minecraft Tutorial

Step 1. Create a structure with two empty spaces to receive the water columns;

How to Make an Elevator in Minecraft Tutorial

Step 2. Place the Soul Sand block on the elevator that will go up, and the Magma block on the one that will go down;

How to Make an Elevator in Minecraft Tutorial

Step 3. Use some type of block that prevents water from leaking out of the column, but still allows your character to pass through – such as signs or doors. Your elevator can also be enclosed with a wall or glass;

Step 4. Fill the elevator with Buckets of Water, one bucket in each block;

How to Make an Elevator in Minecraft Tutorial

Step 5. Now just test out your new elevator by entering it or entering items.

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