Elden Ring Builds Guide: The Top 10 Best Build in Elden Ring (Updated)

“Elden Ring” is the latest in a long line of games, the Dark Soul series, that gives you a ton of options for build-outs. The top 10 craziest “Elden Ring” builds.


Starting off at number 10. It is the “Sonic” build. This is a build where your ultimate weapon is rolling. Like Sonic. Now, you’re not exactly flying around at the speed of sounds, so, like, don’t expect the theme songs from any of the cartoons to happen, but you can pull off something like a spin-dash in “Elden Ring”. All you need is this Ash of War called Lightning Ram, which you can find near the Sainted Hero’s Grave on the Atlas Plateau. With that equipment, you can roll around as much as you want. So you can even change your appearance to make yourself more Sonic-like if that’s what you want to do in “Elden Ring”. Now it’s not all that effective by itself, but with a few buffs from items like the Lightning Scorpion Charm, the Shard of Alexander, and the Blue Dancer Charm. Well, it gets better. If you want to go nuts, you can boost your tag damage by using the Commander’s Standard offhand and the Jellyfish Shield offhand and combine the buffs from those weapons to put on the hurt it’s a build. It’s equipped Ash of War, roll into stuff. But it’s so blunt and so stupid that it’s kind of amazing. And it’s also funny as hell. look at this guy. Look at him rolling around. You can’t help but laugh. I was cracking up at this for about half an hour before I even tried to record this. I bothered everybody that would answer an IM or a text with this thing.


The Wall

And number nine is “The Wall”. This is as simple and blunt as it gets. Credit GhostedGrimey for this one. It’s all about being an immovable object. It equipped a Bull-Goat set and two Fingerprint Stone Shields. Not one, two. The second shield’s there for the intimidation factor, and it works. You can pretty much walk through anything with this combo. Along with the proper stats, shield bash or block with the main arm, and use the secondary attack after you block the enemy attack. Depending on your enemy, you’re unstoppable. Yeah, you may be over-encumbered the whole time, but nothing can stop you. You could be a slow-moving wall of death that enemies bounce off of. The hardest part is getting two Fingerprint Stone Shields. getting one of these things is a pain in the ass, but two is asking a lot. But the results speak for themselves. Like, this is exactly what it claims to be.

Bubble Boy

And number eight is the “Bubble Boy” build. Some of the weirdest enemies in “Elden Ring” are the Envoys. referred to as Bubble Boys by the fan base. They look weird, and their attacks are even weirder. They attack you by blowing instruments that release, yes, bubbles. Not impressive looking, but they are powerful, and you can use them. What you’ll need is the Envoy’s Crown, which increases the damage of the bubble skills combined with one of the three versions of the horn weapon dropped by these guys. They’re all rare, keep in mind. But if you can get one they’re well worth it. Both for the trolling potential of such weird weapons, and because they’re actually pretty good in their own right. Now run around and fight your enemies with the power of bubbles. There are also some sorceries that are bubble-based. Like the Oracular Bubble, which sounds silly. But they don’t get boosted by the Envoy Crown, so they’re not worth bothering with. As long as you’re wearing something white to go with the crown, you’ll look the part, and you’ll pull off some impressive damage that’ll catch people off guard, and melt the HP of certain bosses.

Ninja Turtle

And number seven is the “Ninja Turtle”. A pop-culture gimmick builds, but there’s enough going on with it that there’s something here to talk about. The main things you need are a turtle shell, which you have to keep on your back. And the Albinauric head, which is about as close to a Ninja Turtle head you’re gonna get in this game. From there, you find the weapon of your preferred turtle. Be it a katana, pole, flail for nun chucks, whatever, and slap on some light armor or samurai armor to get the whole vibe of Ninja Turtles. It’s the shell and the Albinauric head that pushed this build over the edge for me. It’s such a weird and ugly approximation of the turtles, it comes back around to being amazing. Seeing how stupid you can look in the elder ring is half the fun. And this build is a particularly stupid look.


And number six is the “Weatherman” build. A pretty clever thing posted by BENJALSON on Reddit, which they called the Weatherman to build. , it’s a magic build where you confuse your opponent with spells like Freezing Mist and Found Rain of Stars to create a kind of rain effect that isn’t all that dangerous, but very distracting. From there you can finish ’em off with the Bolt of Gransax or the Ancient Lightning Spear. Whatever you got on you. As long as it’s fast and sudden, lightning-like then it works well. You’re calling down a storm on your enemy. This kind of smoke screen. I mean, it’s pretty pointless against AI enemies, but if you’re facing off against another player in a dual, it works well to knock ’em off balance.

Fat Malenia

And number five are “Fat Malenia” and “Big Maliketh”. Posted by MrSkittles983 on Reddit. I’m not sure if he made these guys or spotted them out in the wild, but either way, they are hilarious. Making your own Fat Melania is simple. put on the Melania helmet and the Fire Prelate’s armor, and then swap out Melania’s blade for something a little more appropriate like Mogwhyn’s Sacred Spear because it’s like a big fork. Get it? For Big Maliketh, keep his helmet and swap in something like Lionel’s Set to make, like, a fat version of the dude. Keep his weapon, but instead of using some super fast special attacks, use an electric butt stomp to play up the hugeness. It’s dumb as hell, but it’s pretty funny.

Try Finger But the Whole

And number four is the “try finger but the whole” build, which we’ve all seen those stupid try finger but hole messages, but now you can finally sort of do it. And I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not, but there’s a weapon called the Ringed Finger deep in Gelmir’s Hero’s Grave. It’s a pain in the ass to get, but it’s worth it for the novelty alone. You don’t need a lot to wield this thing. 15 strength and 9 dexterity with a 4.5 weight. So there’s not much stopping you from using this wherever you want. Now, put on Rennala’s hat, make your skin purple and sickly looking, and now you’re not swinging around a big finger. You can pretend to be two fingers. Its alternate attack is especially good. Called the Cloth Lick where the finger, out of nowhere, gets twice as big and does a flick attack. Like the finger creeper enemies. It’s gross as hell and gimmicky, but it is actually a fun build to screw around with. Even if only to baffle people who have never seen this thing in action.

Jar Guy

And number three is “Jar Guy”. If you’re ready to embrace the jar boy lifestyle, this is the build for you. Credit to okoy from Reddit. For this one, it is a ridiculous build that has a lot of elements. You have the jar helmet, of course, Lionel’s armor for the jar-like shape, the Beastman’s Jar Shield for an odd hand, and the Jar Cannon for the full jar effect. I mean, that’s good for the range, but some heavy iron ball-fist weapons round out the builds. You can punch things while still looking jar-like. From there you can start blasting away, which works well with certain talismans like the Arrow Sting. The Companion Jar, and of course some pot weapons to throw that get boosted damage from all this jar crap you’re wearing. That’s all you need. It’s a gimmick build, but it’s a good gimmick.

Mech Suit

And number two is the “Mech Suit” created by Adamantium. This is a build that makes you into a walking death machine. It combines a few unlikely elements and is a gimmick, but it’s a good one. The three main things you need here are a Flask of Wondrous Physick with the Opaline Hardtear, and the Cerulean Hidden Tear. Drinking this boosts your damage negation and eliminates all FE consumption, which you’re gonna need here. Next is the Ironjar Aromatic, which uses FP to make you super resistant to damage. But it also slows you down by a lot. The last thing you need is the Unendurable Frenzy incantation. Where you summon a swarm of Frenzy causing magic bolts to out of your eyes. This would drain your FP like crazy and kill you as fast, but the previous boosts, makes you only take a fraction of the damage. Now equip some mech-like armor. Like, pop the Aromatic and the flask, and you can walk through pretty much anything that stands in your way. It’s not quite as effective in PVP as it used to be. Because it’s a trick that people are well aware of now, it’s still amazing to see when everything works.

Let Me Solo Her

And finally at number one, is the “Let Me, Solo, Her” build. This is a build that’s crazy not because it’s goofy. It’s because it’s actually also powerful. The “Let Me Solo Her” guy got so famous for a reason. The overpowered build combined with the underpowered appearance is impressive looking if nothing else. The actual build is straightforward. First, no armor, a pot helmet. Very simple. Now the weapons you’ll want. The Uchigatana is equipped with the Hoarfrost Stomp in the Rivers of Blood, which uses the Corpse Piler Ash of War. The trick is to use the Hoarfrost Stomp to spread frost that builds up to do damage combined with the Rivers of Blood, which builds up bleeding effects. Bolts can be combined to turn most enemies and bosses into a cakewalk. You even have to worry about the not wearing armor part of it. No disrespect for the actual “Let Me Solo Her” guy, of course. It still takes skill to not be killed by a stray attack from Malenia. The build itself has somewhat been nerfed from patches, but the difference is pretty minor. It’s a powerful combo that can do the job not against this boss, but all of them.

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