Dude Theft Wars Cheats and Tips & Tricks to Get More Cash [Updated 2020]

Dude Theft Wars Cheats

Dude Theft Wars is another open world game for Android by Poxel Studios. In this game, you play as a dude(Jack) and investigate the open world; drive vehicles, shoot individuals, take cash, and significantly more. Look at our Dude Theft Wars cheats, tips, and manual for get more money for nothing

In the event that you are searching for a GTA Vice City clone and free, at that point Dude Theft Wars would be an incredible decision. Dude Theft Wars by Poxel Studios is outstanding amongst other open world games for Android gadgets. In this game, you play as Jack and there are a lot of things you can do, for example, investigating, taking, driving, shooting, bomb impacting, savaging, and significantly more. It’s actually a pleasant game. In this post, we have secured everything about the game; Dude Theft Wars cheats, tips, and DDude Theft Wars Cheats manual for get more cash. We should not burn through any time and begin with the Dude Theft Wars cheats and guide walkthrough

Dude Theft Wars Cheats

Dude Theft Wars – Get Started – The Basic

After you tap on the beginning catch, you will end up in a house. Head outside and start the Gangster life; At the base left corner, utilize the joystick to move your character left/right/back/forward. At the base right corner, there is an assault catch to assault individuals or fire with your firearm, different choices are; hopping, zoom-in. Simply over the zoom-in symbol, there is a clock, tap on the clock to change the speed of the game.

At the upper right corner, tap on the ⇐⇒ to prepare different things; toward the start of the game, you have explosives, a bat. Tap on the portable phone[right-center], here’s the detail of applications in your cell phone;

  • Duber – utilizing this application, you can get a cool bicycle, vehicle. You have to watch the video advertisement for it.
  • Store – this is the shop area, watch the video advertisement to get bucks for nothing or utilize genuine cash for the In-game money
  • Guides – It’s an open-world game and guide application is a standout amongst other applications in your cell phone, tap on it and you can follow your area on the guide. It’s for route purposes.
  • Spare Game – To spare the advancement of your game.

List Of Dude Theft Wars Cheat Codes

Following is the rundown od Dude Theft Wars Cheats Codes 2020: –

  • Moongravity
  • Giantdudes
  • Antdude
  • Heytaxi
  • Dudekong
  • Dudebolt
  • Nosforever
  • Popoplz
  • Suppahotslap
  • Night
  • Day
  • Night
  • Crowd99

Among all these, Heytaxi is the best as it lets you bring a vehicle at any spot. The most recent update to the Due Theft Wars has likewise included a fresh out of the plastic new smaller than normal game. Playing this game, you can gain free money. In the event that you investigate a piece, you will discover the b-ball court. Notwithstanding, there is a football xD. Go there and tap the “play smaller than usual game” button. Playing this game is likewise entirely basic; you simply swipe (base to top) to toss the ball into the ring.

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Also, presently there is Thanos vehicle, new Islands, Helicopters, and now, you can destruct the trees. In the event that you need to deactivate the cheat code, at that point enter it once more.

At the upper right corner, tap on the minimap; at the base right corner of the guide, tap on my area catch to take a look at yourself on the guide.

Take a gander at the left half of the guide, there are some route symbols; the firearm symbol for weapons, home, municipal center, shop, and police headquarters. Simply follow these symbols on the guide to arrive at your objective.

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Dude Theft Wars Driving Guide

Go near a vehicle; skateboard, vehicle, bicycle, and tap on the entryway symbol to drive

To utilize nitro, hold down this icon[only accessible in some vehciles]

Dude Theft Wars Cheats, Tips

Ways to gain money for nothing

  • Slaughter individuals with your polished ash or explosives and get the money
  • Investigate the city; visit shops and stores – > head to their counters – > take the money
  • Tap on the portable symbol on your screen – > store – watch a video promotion and get free money
  • The new update; you would now be able to gain money by performing dangerous tricks; Tap on the portable symbol – > duber – > flying vehicle – > watch the video advertisement to get the flying vehicle. In the wake of watching, take a gander at the sky, you will locate the flying vehicle. Hop and in a split second tap on the “enter” alternative to utilize the flying vehicle. Make stunts(backflips) and acquire money.
  • Play little game

The most straightforward approach to deal with the police

The police will attempt to get you after you murder the guiltless residents, the least demanding approach to deal with every one of them is to execute them; simply enter the vehicle and hit the police. Remember to take the money.

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Get Weapons – Dude Theft Wars Cheats, Tips

As I referenced above, you have just a bat and hardly any projectiles toward the start of the game. To get a firearm or more explosives, go to the weapon shop; tap on the guide and follow the GUN symbol on your screen. Enter the weapon shop and buy it;

To get the buy choice you need to prepare a similar weapon; prepare the projectile, highlight the explosives and tap on the buy choice

Prepare the weapon, highlight projectiles, tap on the buy alternative.

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New Update To Dude Theft Wars;

  • New bicycles and vehicles
  • Perform stunts and gain money
  • Character choice with capacities
  • Included furnishings
  • Smaller than usual Game
  • New cheat codes, vehicles
  • New Islands

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