Doom Eternal: Cheat Codes – How to Find the Hidden Cheat Discs


Much the same as the past times Doom Eternal Cheat codes let you change the game, this time through concealed circles you need to discover in the levels. They enact things like unbounded ammunition, insta-murders and even make foes pop like confetti. Be that as it may, they can be very much covered up, expecting you to discover mystery passageways and more to uncover them. We’ve discovered each of the 14 that are locatable in the fundamental game right now, with a tricky 15 circle yet to be found.

While you can replay the game to wipe up collectibles and discover these in any request, we’ve orchestrated this rundown generally in accordance with how you’ll advance through the game.

Infinite Lives

  • Location: Hell on Earth
  • Effect: Player has infinite lives

Soon after you bounce over to, and climb the draping train to cross a magma filled gorge you’ll experience a train burrow and into certain passageways with floor arms. The mystery can be found in a vent over the entryway that opens, however you’ll need to experience the entryway, clear the room and afterward turn right where you’ll see a red corner with a case that will let you move into an another vent that will arrive at the code.

All Runes unlocked

  • Location: Fortress of Doom
  • Effect: All Runes unlocked

You’ll have the option to get a cheat code circle when you open up new regions in the Fortress of Doom and have two Sentinel Batteries. It’s underneath the pinnacle on the correct that you can get to by means of an extension. You’ll need to utilize the two batteries to open the Original Praetor Suit. When you do you’ll see an opening in the chamber on the left – pull out and be prepared to hop or run to the edge you’ll fall past. Inside you’ll discover the circle.

IDDQD – Sentinel Armor

  • Location: Cultist Base
  • Effect: Sentinel Armor is active for whole mission

You’ll discover the cheat for Sentinel reinforcement soon after you get the Super Shotgun. It’s in the focal point of a zone where you need to murder a progression of beasts in the wake of punching sections to discharge them. When all the segments/beasts are clear you’ll have the option to snatch the cheat by swinging off the yellow bar and turning around to the stage it’s on.

Silver Bullet mode – One hit kill on stagger

  • Location: Doom Hunter Base
  • Effect: Staggered demons die from a single hit from projectiles, explosion, Flame Belch or Dashing.

Part the path through the Doom Hunter Base level you’ll arrive at a climbable chamber. You’re intended to utilize it to arrive at another zone however on top you’ll discover a cheat circle that will enact a one hit slaughter on stunned adversaries.

Infinite Ammo

  • Location: Super Gore Nest
  • Effect: All weapons have infinite ammo

You’ll discover this incredibly valuable cheat in the territory where you need to put the three hued gore keys. You can see it from the funnel that prompts the Slayer Gate. In any case, to arrive at it you’ll need to go to the opposite side of the stage and bounce up from the lower level to get to a semi concealed passage in generally a similar situation on the opposite side.

IDKFA Weapon Mastery

  • Location: Arc Complex
  • Effect: All weapons are unlocked and mastered, and all equipment is unlocked

At the point when you hop over this yellow bar a Revenant will crush out of the floor to assault. When he’s dispatched check the gap for a cheat plate that will open all weapon authorities.

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Fully Upgraded Suit

  • Location: Fortress of Doom
  • Effect: All Praetor suit perks are unlocked

Look out for this one as it doesn’t show up quickly in the Fortress of Doom. For me it showed up some place around the Mars Core/Arc Complex levels however I don’t know whether it’s attached to game movement, or utilization of Sentinel Batteries in your base. It shows up in an air vent over the force center and to get it you’ll need to shoot the little red speck that shows up in a window to one side. That will actuate a bounce cushion that will let you get the circle.

Power up mode: Onslaught

  • Location: Mars Core
  • Effect: Infinite Onslaught power up is active for the whole mission

This is a brisk one to gather after you’ve terminated yourself to the outside of Mars as it’s simply out in the open around a corner. When you go into the room brimming with appendages, through a gap in the divider, go option to discover it by a gap in the floor.

Power mode: Overdrive

  • Location: Taras Nabad
  • Effect: Infinite Overdrive is active for whole mission

You’ll discover the Overdrive cheat while attempting to arrive at your Crucible (huge red sword). The cheat is found not long after a water puzzle and Slayer Gate, not long before you move up to the dead Titan. You should simply go to one side of the entryway it’s bolted behind and search for a divider you can punch through.

Power mode Berserk

  • Location: Urdak
  • Effect: Infinite Berserk powerup on start. Only works on ‘Hell on Earth,’ ‘Exultia,’ ‘Super Gore Nest,’ ‘Arc Complex,’ and ‘Mars Core.’

You’ll locate the Berserk cheat – which lets you tear adversaries separated with your exposed hands – after you’ve adjusted the three teleporter rings. Head out of the entryway that gives you a perspective on the three rings and search left for an air out you can punch to arrive at it.

Famine Mode – No Demon Drops

  • Location: Neravol
  • Effect: Demons do not drop health of armor on death

This is definitely not an incredible cheat. You’ll need to battle a Gladiator to get it and it stops evil spirits dropping stuff on death which isn’t incredible. At the point when you arrive at the zone with the large fire mesh and see off the Gladiator, drop down the opening on the privilege as you face the fire and quickly pivot to get an edge as you tumble to get the cheat.

One shot stagger

  • Location: Nekravol part 2
  • Effect: One hit from projectiles, explosions, Flame Belch, or Dashing instantly staggers demons. It has no effect on unique bosses.

This is a precarious one to get as it includes falling past an initial you have to tear open, so be set up to reload the checkpoint a couple of times. At the base degree of the Soul Spire, where you enter the structure, is a little passageway that will prompt a major drop. Seek the left for an edge you can hop to then think back where you just originated from and you’ll see a weak divider just beneath. It’s ideal to run towards it so you can utilize the bounce to get the edge after you’ve crushed an opening.

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