Doom Eternal: How to Beat Marauder, Tips & Strategy

Toward the finish of the Arc Complex crucial Doom Eternal, you’ll recuperate (the vast majority of) an old companion and experience the Marauder, a ghastly, horned variant of the Doom Slayer outfitted with hatchet, shotgun and shield. We’ll show you how to beat the Marauder here.

How to Beat the Marauder in Doom Eternal

The Marauder is not normal for any supervisor you’ll have battled so far in Doom Eternal, requiring a completely unique way to deal with the typical torrent of projectiles. This fight is more similar to a sword duel than everything else, one in which you’ll need to avoid and counter the Marauder’s assaults to do any harm. In any case, he’ll additionally call spooky hellhounds that will bother and harm you, so you’ll need to shoot them as they spring up also. Peruse on for our gathering of Marauder shortcomings, so you can at long last handle this extreme chief.

Marauder Weaknesses

The Marauder has three assaults: his shotgun (short proximity), his hatchet (medium range), and an influx of red vitality (long range). He’ll utilize whichever one is generally proper, so in case you’re directly beside him he’ll shotgun you, and in case you’re far away he’ll toss red vitality at your face. For our motivations, we need him to utilize the hatchet, so ward a couple of feet off to lure him into doing one of his jumping hatchet swings.

Obviously, the Marauder can raise his shield to obstruct any assault you make, except for when he axes assaults, during which his eyes will streak green. This is the minute to assault, in a perfect world utilizing the Super Shotgun for most extreme harm. Impact him the minute you see the glimmer, and it’ll interfere with his assault, just as harming him. You’ll really observe the Marauder become increasingly more harmed after some time, and it’ll take generally about six counters (depending in your weapon) to bring him down.

It’s additionally essential to look out for the hellhounds. These unearthly orange mutts move rapidly about the combat zone and will nibble you in the event that you get excessively close, quickly clouding your vision when they do. They don’t have a lot of wellbeing, so a couple of shots will disintegrate them. Swap between the Super Shotgun and a snappier weapon like the Plasma Rifle, the last of which you can use to beat the canines and stun any close by evil presences for Glory Kills.

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