Cyberpunk 2077 Endings Guide: How to Unlock Every Ending

As you’d trust from a game about decision, there are many Cyberpunk 2077 endings to find. The majority of them are attached to explicit decisions you’ll need to make during the game, so try to look at the accompanying prior to heading into the last mission. In this way, while in our Cyberpunk 2077 survey we referenced the brevity of the fundamental mission, you will need to investigate each side journey conceivable prior to heading into the ‘final turning point’ referred to as Nocturne OP55N1 as that way you’ll open the full scope of Cyberpunk 2077 consummation openings.

It doesn’t make a difference what life way the player browses the beginning of the game. While the start of the game shifts between every one of the three life decisions, Nomad, Street Kid, and Corporate, the completion of the game is all down to a solitary second towards the finish of the game. Players can impact the finish of the game in the “Final turning point” mission. The authority mission title is designated “Nocturne Op55n1” and the choice the player makes during this second figures out what occurs toward the finish of the game. Players should make numerous recoveries now in the story to make it simpler to encounter each conceivable completion without playing through the whole game. Additionally, the game permits players to get from this second. Here are the choices players can make to open each finishing.

How many endings does Cyberpunk 2077 have?

There are five center Cyberpunk 2077 endings, which incorporate the Cyberpunk 2077 mystery finishing. In any case, for four of these endings, there’s likewise one more decision you’ll have to make, so there are different various results to be had for every one of them.

How To Unlock Every Ending In Cyberpunk 2077

As we’ve referenced, guaranteeing you get all the Cyberpunk 2077 endings is somewhat down to guaranteeing that you’ve finished whatever number of the fundamental Side Jobs as could reasonably be expected. Ensure you’ve finished in any event Panam’s curve, for a great completion alternative for instance.But at the same time, it’s important that you guarantee you have a decent connection with Johnny when you hit Nocturne OP55N1. To do this, you’ll need to follow the side missions with Rogue, and be pleasant to Johnny where you can during that questline – especially at the scene with the grave. You’ll know the one.On the off chance that you’ve done the entirety of that, you’ll have the option to investigate the entirety of the Cyberpunk 2077 endings conceivable underneath. It’s significant however that whatever finishing you pick, you’ll generally re-visitation of Night City to keep playing at the point before you start the Nocturne OP55N1 mission, yet with some consummation based prizes that we won’t ruin.

Cyberpunk 2077 Endings Guide

Cyberpunk 2077 endings explained

Trust Arasaka

Unlock requirements: Reach the mission Nocturne OP55N1

Whatever your relationship level with Johnny or the remainder of the Night City cast, you’ll generally have the choice to confide in Arasaka in the last mission of the game. Johnny doesn’t care for collaborating with Hanako, yet you’ll take the Omega blockers and bid farewell to Johnny for the present.

Here’s a fast pass up blow for how this plays out:

You’ll call Hanako, who uncovers she’s being held by her sibling. She’ll send a vehicle to get you, the driver of which is Anders Hellman. While you pause, you can choose Misty to do you a Cyberpunk 2077 Tarot Cards perusing, which can possibly open one of the last cards in the set.

Subsequent to safeguarding Hanako, you three will travel to Arasaka Tower. She’ll uncover that her dad is truth be told still alive as an engram. Afterward, you’ll go to an executive gathering with Hanako and her dad and affirm that Yorinobu killed Saburo, yet Yorinbu’s as of now sent a hit crew to take out the sum of the board. A couple of you endure, including Hanako, who’ll task you with discovering her sibling. There are a lot of Arasaka watches among you and him, incorporating a manager battle with Adam Smasher (the person who murdered Johnny).

After this, you discover Yorinobu, talk with him, and afterward leave him in the grip of Hanako. Hellman will take you to Mikoshi, where you’ll enter Cyberspace and rejoin with Johnny, who’s genuinely discontent with you. You’ll talk finally with him, and you’ll re-visitation of your body, leaving Johnny with Alt.

At the point when you awaken you’ll be in an Arasaka orbital station some place in space. Sign a rehashing story of testing and feeling like you’re losing your psyche. In the end, Hellman will awaken you and offer you a decision, which have the accompanying outcomes:

  • Sign an agreement to join Arasaka’s experimental run program, Secure Your Soul, which would make an engram of V’s brain and store it in Mikoshi.
  • In the event that you will not sign the agreement, Hellman clarifies you’ll get your things, fly back to Earth, and you’ll be dead before winter. That is the place where the game finishes; you’re not permitted to return and go through the last a half year of your life wrapping up the side stuff in Night City.

Ask Panam for help

Unlock requirements: Finish Panam Palmer’s arc 

In the event that you’ve completed Panam’s bend inside the Side Jobs – you’ll know when as an accomplishment will pop – you’ll have hardened your relationship with her to the point that she will help you any place she can (alongside the remainder of the Aldecaldos). It’s really at that time that you’ll pick up this choice in the consummation mission.

As I would see it, this is the best consummation alternative as it really permits V to get a (semi)happy finishing. So in spite of Johnny’s reservations towards asking the Alvacaldos, and the danger of huge death toll, it’s certainly worth investigating.

Here’s the means by which requesting Panam works out:

You settle on the decision to Panam, and she consents to help you break into Arasaka Tower and arrive at Mikoshi, saying she’s en route to get you. While you pause, you can pick Misty to do you a Cyberpunk 2077 Tarot Cards perusing, which can possibly open one of the last cards in the set.

Panam returns you to the Aldecaldo camp, where you’ll talk over their arrangement to burrow under Arasaka Tower. Dakota will help you arrive at Alt to guarantee that she’ll be prepared to help you once you break Arasaka Tower, while Mitch will talk you through the progressions they’ve made to the Basilisk.

After this, Saul will authoritatively make you an authority individual from the Aldecaldos, with Panam giving you your own personal coat (it’s high protective layer as well, and you will keep it when you return to Night City later). You’ll at that point go through the night celebrating in the camp.

The following day, you’ll scope out the building site, prior to heading in the Basilisk. This will include a lot of battle both inside and outside of the Basilisk itself before you get through to the burrow site burrow. Unfortunately here you’ll lose two side characters, Bobby and Teddy.

Once inside close to the drill, you should ensure Mitch re-visitations of the Alvecaldos in the Basilisk. Try not to stress, he endures the drive. You’ll at that point utilize the drill to burrow into Arasaka with Saul and Panam.

You’ll manage the lower levels of the pinnacle to connect Alt, who’ll help you rout the Arasaka watchmen, and afterward onwards toward Mikoshi. Here you’ll need to battle Adam Smasher, who will tragically murder Saul simultaneously. At that point it’s simply an instance of connecting yourself to Mikoshi.

Presently when you end up in Cyberspace with Johnny and Alt you’ll confront another choice to make – particularly on the off chance that you have a great connection with Johnny. You can all things considered:

Return to Earth in your body, realizing you won’t live that long

Allow Johnny to take your body and re-visitation of experience the remainder of a long life as V (with V’s develop turning out to be important for Alt with the decimation of Mikoshi)

On the off chance that you decide to return to Earth as V, you’ll leave Night City everlastingly with the Aldecaldos, who assume they’ll know somebody “out there” that will assist you with your short future issue. To sweeten the deal even further, on the off chance that you got into a relationship with Judy before the last mission, she’ll really accompany you as well. It seems like an incredible joyfully ever subsequent to finishing, with everybody you’ve met en route leaving you phone messages praising you or wishing you well on your new experience.

Let Johnny and Rogue go

Unlock requirements: Have a great relationship with Johnny Silverhand

Presently, this closure won’t be accessible to any individual who has a rough relationship with our scandalous rocker kid, so in the event that you would like to see this out try to fortify your fellowship with Johnny through the Side Jobs.

Picking this will permit Johnny to indeed assume control over V’s body, and you’ll play out this consummation as Johnny for the sum. This, as I would like to think, is the second best Cyberpunk 2077 consummation accessible as it likewise offers a delightful goal to V and Johnny’s excursion.

This is what occurs on the off chance that you let Johnny and Rogue take on Arasaka:

Johnny will dominate, and go to the Afterlife to address Rogue. She’ll consent to help you, arrange an arrangement herself, and in any event, get some assistance as well. You’ll equip close by Rogue and Weyland, and afterward talk through the arrangement. At that point it’s an ideal opportunity to pay the Afterlife’s netrunner, Nix, a visit to speak with Alt.

At that point you, Rogue, and Weyland will get into the AV and advance towards Arasaka Tower, watching Alt take out an Arasaka correspondence satellite en route. The AV gets shot somewhere near Arasaka security, however you three accident land directly into the wilderness themed meeting room floor of Arasaka tower. You and Rogue land together, yet Weyland is somewhere else in the territory. Ensure you proceed to discover him for some extra capability however.

After this, you’ll continue following Rogue and get down to the security rooms utilizing your enemy of grav boots to fly from floor to floor. When you’re there you can introduce Alt in the framework for extreme help.

At that point it’s an instance of getting to Mikoshi. En route you’ll need to battle Adam Smasher (Johnny and Rogue’s enemy), and tragically he will slaughter Rogue now – not before she’s dropped a projectile in his suit however. You’ll have the option to get her weapon now as well. At last, you’ll plug yourself into Mikoshi and rejoin with V.

It’s here that you’ll confront the game’s ultimate choice:

Allow Johnny to take your body and re-visitation of experience the remainder of a long life as V (with V’s build turning out to be important for Alt with the decimation of Mikoshi)

Return as V, knowing you’ve not got long to live

In the event that you let Johnny take your body, he’ll re-visitation of Earth and you’ll have the option to investigate a couple of last little missions with him as V. He will also ultimately leave Night City looking for his own new beginning however.

We’re actually working out what occurs on the off chance that you return as V, so inquire soon for additional subtleties on this official conclusion.

There is another way

Unlock requirements: None

In the event that nothing unless there are other options choices are of interest, you can simply select to end it all – all things considered, Vik gave you the gun which is as it should be. This choice presents itself when you pick any of the other closure ways, after which Johnny will say there’s “no goin’ back on this, y’know”. You’re at that point presented the decision to “set out to settle this”. On the off chance that you select it, V will throw the pills off the housetop.

Johnny will be hugely befuddled and clarify that isn’t how he’d have gotten things done, however he’s not in charge, would he say he is? It’s an enemy of climactic consummation, yet is by a wide margin the fastest method to “finish” the game. Cautioning however, this offers you no conclusion, and each one of the individuals who have helped en route will be extraordinarily irate in their end messages to you.

Certainly one of the “awful” endings.

Secret ending

Unlock requirements: Have a great relationship with Johnny Silverhand

This one is somewhat of a hack, yet it is one more completion alternative that sees a decent goal with zero losses (bar Johnny or V’s build obviously). It’ll require you again to have a great connection with Johnny, so you’ll have to have settled on the correct options in the mission and side journeys up until this point.

Yet, to open the mystery finishing, make a point to pick the alternative that releases Johnny and Rogue in lieu of V themselves, yet before you hit “Do your thing Johnny”, stand by. All things considered, continue looking among Johnny and the firearm on the table adjacent to you until it triggers Johnny to talk. It can require up to five, long, minutes. He’ll offer to go into Arasaka alone on an independent mission, which means nobody else needs to kick the bucket.

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